Useful Links

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  Title   Genre   Summary
  JND – Bio   Bio   Biography of JND by Stem Publishing
  Behind   Closed Doors   Autobiography   Behind Closed Doors by Ngaire Thomas is an excellent personal account of life within the EB published in NZ during 2004. The book may be ordered from this, the author’s web-site.
  JND’s Early Years – F. Elmore   Bio   In-depth and scholarly bio
  John Darby   and the Christian Brethren   History   A truly professional-quality site with well-researched material
  The Exclusive Brethren (a ‘sub-division’ of Christianity)   Opinion   Web-content associated with the 2003 BBC documentary
  John Rylands University Library of Manchester   History   An unsurpassed collection of Brethren material dating back to   the early 1800’s.
  Useful   FAQ and Timeline   History   Interesting work from an Open Brethren perspecitive.
  The   Plymouth (Open) Brethren   Opinion   Excellent site for information and details regarding the many   common areas between EB and OB.
  Plymouth/Exclusive Brethren Origins   Opinion   A series of pages written by Dr. P. Lineham, a NZ professor, outlining some of the historical and theological pathways.
  The Cultic Studies Journal   Opinion   These people hunt elephants.
  Cults.Co.NZ   Opinion   You have to love those Kiwis! We like the pulsating nature of their definitions!
  EB’s –   Opinion   The web-site for Cult Counseling America, this is a brief summary of the EB’s
  Cult Awareness and Information Center   Opinion   Following Jan Groenveld’s recent death, this important cult information site has been relaunched by family members. Topic Listing   Links   Excellent list of EB links
  All you ever wanted to know about CyberSLAPP!   General   A premier site dealing with the issues that force to remain anonymous for the time being.