True Leavers Stories

Hopefully, the stories below are the first of a veritable flood of true leavers stories. The tales of heartbreak, financial loss, emotional strain borne by those who have broken free or were kicked out of, the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church are disgusting at best.

Suzie Best

Daniel Mounter

Jill Mytton

Cecilie Palmer

Anonymous Leavers

None of these stories have been edited beyond spelling checks and have been written by the leavers themselves.

If you are a PBCC or Exclusive Brethren leaver, please send us your story to and the format we seek is this:

  • Why did you leave or were you thrown out?
  • what was the reason you were withdrawn from (Do you know or care)?
  • what have you achieved since being out?
  • what is your path forward or ambition?
  • did leaving the Brethren affect you in any way?
  • lastly, if you could instigate one change in the peebs, what would it be?

These true leavers stories can be anonymous but would be so much better named. They can also be withdrawn at a moment’s notice should you say wish (by request).