The power of Christianity shows up the Peebs

Christianity shows up the Peebs – While the Peebs close their doors and their minds to the evil -that to them -is the world -somewhere in that real world -real Christianity can be heard in heaven.

While they shut their doors and gates and hide behind their security guards and gate checkers and door persons and sit quivering waiting for the great man to arrive – they think they are the only true church on earth. A closed sect that offers no olive branches to the world -which they are not part of despite being flesh and blood like the rest of us. Poor deluded fools. In the grip of a strange almost anti-Christian belief system and an even stranger commercial system, they huddle in their bricked up windowless halls separate from mankind. The same mankind that Jesus himself went amongst and celebrated and communicated with.

Dear Bruce- get a grip!

Let me show you how powerful real Christianity is. And we are talking about young people here- not just adults. It was after all a World Youth Day event.
Last weekend on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro -there was the most extraordinary scene in recent times. If you mustered up every claimed Peeb in the world and multiplied it by 75 – you might get close to the number of people from 175 countries who came together to sing and pray and confess and celebrate their faith and meet their Pope. Three million people! All in one place at the one time. The second biggest gathering of humans on earth apparently.

Lucia Newman, based in Buenos Aires, is Al Jazeera’s Latin America editor and she takes up the story;

“….. without hesitation, I confess that the scene on Copacabana Beach on Saturday night and the early hours of Sunday was extraordinary. The most emblematic beach of Rio de Janeiro turned into a human carpet. Hundreds of thousands, of young Catholic pilgrims who had come to see and hear Pope Francis on his next to last World Youth Day event, made camp on the famous, and enormous , beachfront Copacabana . Many had brought sleeping bags, others just pieces of cardboard and a blanket. A few came better prepared with inflatable mattresses.

For at least two kilometres, it was impossible to walk: the improvised pilgrim camp went all the way up to the entrances of Copacabana’s most expensive hotels and apartment buildings overlooking the beach.

Exhausted pilgrims from 175 countries slept side by side like sardines in a tin, while next to them those who still had energy sang and danced, including a group of nuns from Argentina who bounced up and down to a Catholic hymn with a distinct rhythm of samba. Not even the unbearable stench from the overflowing portable toilets could wipe the smiles off their faces.

Still, as I look over the beach at the millions who are now waiting for their final chance to hear Pope Francis , what this often incredulous journalist will go away with is the extraordinary ability of these young people with a common purpose to overcome adversity and project a joy that is impossible for anyone of any religion – or no religion – to ignore.”

Now that’s a congregation. And the Peebs will look you in the eye and say they are in darkness. That this is not a true religion. That this is the worship of a man and not God. (Something that they know nothing about!)

I can never recall such universal joy at any Exclusive Brethren gathering.



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