The PBCC – as fatally flawed as any Sect can be

The PBCC – as fatally flawed as any Sect can be

The bible tells us at every turn of the page, to beware of false prophets. It seems that over the ages -mere men have been eyeing off God's tenets with a view to making them their own. And in the last century - in particular - we have seen a raft of such individuals rewriting the bible to their own ends.

The PBCC's Hales gang are by no means the forerunners of this practice. You might argue that Darby was - but he really only took exception to the developed practices of the High Anglican church -preferring a simpler model with guys at the pulpit who did not dress up like Thomas Becket. Actually he is not the best example as they murdered him not that far into his tenure as Archbishop of Canterbury. Either way- old Darby didn't like the pomp and ceremony of religion per se and opted for the Baptist model of robe-less, smokeless, pulpit jockeys belting their bibles without the aid of ornate chapels and Gothic religious insignia. He also translated his own version of the bible - which today would be done with the aid of a Thesaurus anyway. So he gets points for that in an age when the candle and quill were the only way of getting such a task onto the Vellum.

It was the 'Brooklyn factor' that was to diametrically change Darby's bling-ed-down version of his breakaway church. And the name Taylor. But it wasn't until we got to Taylor 'Junior' that we saw men intent on fiddling with what many considered was a really good idea. Taylor Junior basically went ballistic midway through his twenty year reign -succumbing to the demon alcohol and probably the pleasures of the flesh if the universally detested Aberdeen chapter holds as much water as everyone says it does. The photograph doesn't lie I say. I would no more put my arm round another man's wife with my hand lying perilously close to one of the main attributes of her womanhood, in his position, than fly to the moon. His excuse that he got into bed with her because he was rooting out traitors is spectacularly unbelievable and I'm sure, would be scoffed at by a team of 12 true and tested jurors.

All that aside - the heavies of the day knew to a man - that if they agreed that Taylor was indeed a drunken philanderer, the gig was basically up. Their breakaway 'church' would have lost most -if not all- of its credibility on the spot. So they backed the man up. Sadly his other pursuits ended his life shortly thereafter. Those that didn't back him up - unconditionally- were thrown out on the spot. Which ironically spawned another raft of breakaway - er - sect-like gatherings.

But this Baptist modeled breakaway mini- church was to be turned into a sect the moment Taylor Junior decided he wanted to shut the world out altogether. It was a grotesquely flawed directive- if for no other reason that it flew in the face of Christianity and the bible itself at every turn. This is why people today cannot get their head around doing business with the Brethren - but being shunned everywhere else. If you are really 'not of this world' then you need to take yourself hither and really mean it - shutting yourself off into a closeted community of religious weirdos with big fences and gates. Well - they've already got the really big fences and gates -supposedly because they are fearful of what lies beyond them - but it begs the question - why haven't they also got them round their homes and businesses as well, due to the same impending worldly threat? (Well apart from Bruce Hales who does have really big fences and gates around his mega-peeb-palace. Because like most dictators- he believes in conspiracies.)

So by fiddling with the Bible and Christianity itself - these men have progressively degraded the real spirit of Christianity - to a point where they now believe that they are the only right ones- they have the only true church -and that their man at the top is in fact the Man of God. Which is a pretty blasphemous thing to call yourself.

And Hales Junior (it's appears that the 'juniors' are the real threat here) is flat out rewriting not only history but the sins of his father. Although - technically he has two father's being the 'Man of God' if you get my drift. Worse- he says that any criticism of him is blasphemous and traitorous and will lead to an eternity in hell! Some call! I thought that God himself was the only one with his hand on the drafting gate in the heavenly waiting room. But no doubt he takes recommendations from Hales on the issue as well.

America is full of false prophets - who - with the wonder of television - a once vile, offensive, reviled medium in Peeb-land - have connected the dots and seen that they can do their religious tap dance for MONEY! For them! Or as they call it - for their 'ministry'.

Hales likewise has connected the dots - the ones that Taylor didn't get his head around due to being too preoccupied with booze and women it would seem - and after one bungled effort by his father John, and uncle Bwooce to make their followers subscribe to a fiscal loss as well as their own selfish wills- he has finally delivered his masterplan of milking every last cent from his followers and governments that he can. And to hell with frugality and parsimony. Hales now lives like - well - Joyce Meyers, Benny Hinn, Brian Houston and Jimmy Swaggert to name but a few shining examples of the hundreds of people who thumbed their way through the good book while putting the claw out for a big pay day. They had connected the dots that Religion + A broadcast medium + A suitably ear-bashed and brainwashed audience = MONEY. And lots of it! To a man (and woman because there have been several) they have raked it in and lived beyond their wildest dreams. As Hales and his tribe are doing today. While exhorting the flock for more.

But Hales has taken the whole idea that little bit further. He un-bans stuff because there is also a quid in it. And screw principles. So while his 'church' is madly ruining families in the 70's and 80's and 90's for even mouthing the word 'computer' - or 'electronic garage door closer' or 'mobile phone' - he suddenly reverses the edict because he needs all these things to grow his own empire - his 'Universal' empire - and he figures- he can also do a Bill Gates and become the exclusive agent to his 44,000 followers for all their computer and electronic needs. By law! Most of Hales' edicts are law.

Screw all the poor buggers that they threw out and tried to destroy for doing- or thinking about doing - what he was now doing! If ever there was a case for taking them to the cleaners for having your life wrecked with the loss of all you hold dear - this is it! I mean - have you ever heard of anything more transparently wicked and unjust in your whole life? One day it's a sin - and the next- it's mandatory practice! How in the name of anything holy- can that be right??

But at the end of the day - Hales is just another bloke playing games with people's hearts and minds. Like his father did before him. And Symington and Taylor before them. It's just a big bloody game masquerading as a highly tweaked religion. Any religion - that departs dramatically from the intent of its Christian foundation is a SECT. Of that we can be absolutely sure.

Any religion where a man says he is God - or the Man of God or the Son of God is immediately dodgy and should be avoided like the plague. Because you just know that the mechanisms for separating you from your hard earned are about to follow. Because men who set themselves up as these things are utterly deluded, and without exception - GREEDY! They have succumbed to one of the great highlighted evils of the good book itself.

I mean look at Hales. He drives a car worth in excess of $100,000. He lives in a home that cost him many millions. He flies in a jet costing more millions because he doesn't like waiting round at airports and hunkering down in Business Class with the Plebs. Worldly plebs! He likes to be important. Because his father told him that he was the next Man of God!

Whatever happened to living like Christ himself lived? Well funnily enough - that only applies to the ordinary Brethren. They can't afford to live like Hales. Unless they are immediate family they are there to feed this insatiable lust for greed. So the very lifestyle of this man flies in the face of the very religion he professes to love. And the reason why he does this is because he is making the rules - and not God! As Mel Brooks said - It pays to be the King!

So anyone who looks at this now cruel, divisive, SECT - be they government administrators or souls looking for a religious model - don't be fooled by the platitudes and mentions of 'normality' and 'simple Christianity.' Because the last thing the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church is - is normal or Christian. I mean we are talking about a highly- tuned business here where they don't even believe in what they call themselves. A couple of years ago they were simply known as the Exclusive Brethren. Which was at very least - honest. But honesty has long gone by the wayside where these people are concerned as the sudden name change might imply.

But I'll tell you exactly where the PBCC lost me altogether. And that is Bruce Hales' almost manic dedication to rewriting history where it concerns his father. The man was withdrawn from three times for his sins. Sins I might add that he acknowledged. And today Bruce says he was sinless - he was incapable of sin. He never sinned. He doesn't know what sin is. Funnily enough - drawing from what I was taught in the bible - there is only one sinless entity and that is Christ himself. So for Bruce to elevate his natural father to being parallel to Christ is blasphemous at worst and the statement of a mad man at best. Let me be more emphatic in my rebuttal of the Hales mentality here. That means that Christ did not die for John Hales. Because as we are taught he died for our sins. Except of course- John Hales'. Who was sinless and therefore not in need of the sacrifice.

See what I mean?



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