The Exclusive Brethren House of Cards

I have been intrigued by a dialogue going on the Richard Stay site which highlights the very murky, strange doctrine that is printed and held sacrosanct by the Exclusive Brethren. And even more intriguing are the number of Brethren followers who post their views and comments there – which of course are devoid of any real debate or conviction – just a common loathing of all things us -i.e.  Opposers.  They love that fact that they can take a jab – anonymously. They love it that they can show their true colours and nobody knows who it really is.

The internet is now a big part of their day obviously. Now officially approved – they troll our websites looking for the opportunity to comment and denigrate -but conveniently forgetting that thousands were thrown out and families torn asunder for even typing a letter on a computer.  You cannot backpedal on a once mortal sin like computers  by now saying it is progress. It was the progress bit that they always fought against wasn’t it? More Brethren have been booted out because of ‘progress’ than anything else.

Bruce Hales’ ravings about the evil of computers and the net are there in print to be seen by all  -except he finally relented on himself  and exploited its full potential for his own business interests.  So that means his words are worthless. The anomalies and arguments do not hold water today. But try telling that to the fathers who haven’t seen their kids and grandkids for 20 years.

What it of course highlights is the strange way they ignore what their Men of God have said or done in the past -while flagging complete support for them unconditionally. Taylor’s ramblings for example prior to his demise were ridiculous! The ravings of either a madman or a drunk. His language deteriorated appallingly -which makes you wonder how he talked at home. Some say he was in fact an evil man in his closing days. The fact that he got into bed with a woman – another man’s wife  is strange enough.  But to try and justify it by saying he was laying in ambush is beyond belief. You can call him all the great men titles you like- his reasoning here was as ridiculous as it was untrue. There are a million ambushes you could have dreamed up to flush out any perceived element you imagined – that did not include getting into a bed with another man’s wife. But they prefer to cloud it in a veil of wisdom and awe. You can hear similar justifications from the many cult leaders who also liked to sleep with other mens wives.  They had a raft of wise sayings to justify their lust and greed. Still doesn’t make it right or acceptable by any standard does it?

But this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the strange double standards of this mob. I mean – when I and thousands like me were thrown out on the street – we were told we were ‘dead’ and that we could never contact our families again. A few of us tested the dictum and had the door shut firmly in our faces. And when it upset us – we stopped.

But Hales has decreed that certain ex-Peebs are allowed to have regular visits and contact with their families. And they do. The rest of us cannot. Another strange double standard. We have seen Hales look after people that he knew in his own past – and extend the hand of friendship and support. But not to all those that they threw out. Just the ones he knew and remembers. An appalling anomaly! But more importantly- it goes against the reason they got rid of us in the first place.

Hales says that time is the thing here. He says that if it was 20 – 30 – 40 years ago – you should get over it.  Move on. Leave us alone. We got your family and your inheritance – go away. Except for a chosen few he dictates can have a foot in each camp and enjoy regular contact. I am one of those that believes that the forced loss of family is wide open to legal action. They like to say that sin destroys families – not them. But the majority of people I knew who were thrown out, committed no sin to justify such a life term and such a life changing, inhuman  loss.

Hales has even reversed  his take on people who are dying seeing their ‘withdrawn from’ relatives before they die.  Most never got this chance and resent it. Indeed when they covered their asses by finally telling us that a parent had died – they did so just before the funeral was to take place, leaving  little time to get there.  And if we did they turned their backs on us. What a bastardly act!

My point is that there is nothing concrete or honest about their dictums and rules. They are changed as they see fit. Hales needs computers for his business – he changes the hard and fast rules. Hales wants contact with relatives outside- he changes the rules for himself. Hales wants a few errant rellies to come back – he makes them an offer they cannot refuse. Hales wants to whitewash his family honour – he simply changes the record of their past. Most recently he whitewashed the behaviour of his aunt saying the church got it all wrong at the time. Everyone else’s aunts and uncles and children can get stuffed. Only his are able to be whitewashed and exonerated.

The biggest and most glaring anomaly surrounds Hales’ complete reversal of belief in what his predecessors said and did. While going on endlessly about their ‘greatness’ as ‘Men of God’ ,he ignores much of what they said as not being right today.

JT Jnr for example. According to Hales- he got it totally wrong. Commerce in the assembly is a good thing and is to be exploited for all it is worth. Symington’s ramblings about electronics and business devices are according to Hales – complete hogwash! If they aren’t- why is it that Symington’s rules have now been totally ignored and overridden by Hales? Symington threw Hales’ father out twice. Bruce says he got it wrong. So that makes Symington wrong doesn’t it? You can’t have it both ways. These men are either wrong or right. There is no in between Mister Hales. If there are degrees of wrong – then what the hell are we all doing out here?

The whole thing has become a bunch of lies. A world of half truths and self serving reflex actions.  If a thing is not consistent – it cannot be right. If you have rules that change people’s lives- then stick by them. Don’t bend them to suit yourself.

It’s called credibility Mister Hales. And without it you have nothing. And your house of cards will come tumbling down.

The Fairfield Kid, remember me?



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