PBCC Leaders on Public Record

These are links to documents (or copies of actual documents) pertaining to persons who are regarded in the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church as ‘leaders’. They would normally sit on the front row and would be invited to the ‘Levite’s meeting’ once a year to listen to the word “directly from God through the ‘Man of God’ Bruce […]

Charity Commission and PBCC

Watch this space for latest news about the current PBCC battle to regain their Charity Status in the United Kingdom. House of Commons oral evidence taken before the Public Administration Committee – Regulation of the Charitable Sector and the Charities Act 2006  –  Tuesday 30 October 2012 –  Matthew Burgess, FRANCESCA QUINT and PHILIP KIRKPATRICK, […]

Written by EB

The following are documents and letters written by EB or Exclusive Brethren (currently calling themselves ‘the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church’): EB Separation Agreement The infamous UBT Handbook Current Employment Contract written circa 2007-2008 Horsforth Gospel Trust RC – Meeting Notes Stow Hill Cyril Parsons Letter – 1 February 2013 Copy of Focus Schools banned book […]