Behind the Brotherhood: The Elect Vessel, Bruce Hales – National – NZ Herald News

Behind the Brotherhood: The Elect Vessel, Bruce Hales – National – NZ Herald News. POSTERS COMMENT: I post the below after searching to see if Wikipeebia had already hosted this article. I could not find that they had. Please forgive me if this is doubling up. Behind the Brotherhood: The Elect Vessel, Bruce HalesBy Patrick Gower5:00 AM […]

The Revenge of Bruce Hales

The revenge of Bruce Hales – I have been very astute when it comes to Bruce Hales and his Hench team.  Mind you- it’s not hard to work him out. I saw the posturing after his father’s death and the bravado and insecurity of his bible fumbling’s in his first meetings. And fumble he did. […]

Hales’ great Blunder Unfolds

Hales certainly fancies himself as a great businessman – schooled by his late father as he loves to tell his followers. No doubt he also sees himself as the greatest architect of Brethren structure and makeovers in their checkered and increasingly cruel and illogical history. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. While […]

The Cleansing of the Hales Clan

Over the past 10 years, we have witnessed the gradual but determined efforts of the Exclusive Brethren World leader to reinvigorate and sanitize the Hales brand. His family brand. Let’s face it, Team Hales has been besieged with flaws and ‘matters’ over the past 45 years, which have at times, left the family in tatters. […]

Hales rewriting Peeb History? Again?

A couple of strong rumours emanating from Peebland recently would indicate that things are not all rosy in the flock. Firstly – we have a strong tip that BDH is telling the Peebs to start stripping JHS’s ministry from the shelves for landfill. Apparently his chipping away at beatifying his father’s memory and deeds has […]

The “Review”

[This section refers to a phase in Exclusive Brethrenism in 2002 when the Brethren began to have second thoughts about some of the members they had summarily excommunicated. They began to approach many such members, sometimes in a conciliatory fashion, to see whether they would consider returning to the EB fold. Very few wanted to […]

Life After Brethrenism

Subject: Life after brethrenism Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 I am a new member of Feeb-forum and I don’t know any of you personally except Jill Mytton. But I share the experience of exclusive brethrenism with you and in that sense can feel an affection for you all and can be certain that we all […]

The Aftermath of the 1970 Schism

This Paper was presented by Roger at an International Conference on Trauma Counselling in November 1993. (Expanded version)   I want to begin with a brief passage from Boris Pasternak’s great novel, Doctor Zhivago: ‘Revolutions are made by fanatical men of action with one-track minds, men who are narrow minded to the point of genius. […]