Further proof of censorship in PBCC schools

Just in from a source who wishes to remain anonymous:

Here is an information pack sent to people applying for a teaching job at a Focus School. Most of it was printed in 2007.  The last few pages illustrate the restrictions on education imposed by the Focus Trust.  Page 15 dictates how to teach evolution.  Page 16 shows that the New AQA Science: GCSE Science A Student Book by Jim Breithaupt was the only recommended Science course for September 2011, but it was censored by having some pages removed before delivery to the schools.

It says,

“Pages 50 – 53 deal with hormone control and fertility and should be REMOVED

Page 58 – REMOVE

Pages 66 and 67 deal with drugs and should be REMOVED

Pages 70 and 71 also deal with drug addiction and should be REMOVED

Pages 122 to 129 deal with evolution and can stay in with caution

Pages 300 and 301 deal with the Big Bang theory and can stay in with a caution.”

There is no explanation for the objection to page 58.  It must have been something unmentionable.

Since pages are two-sided, their removal takes away some pages that are needed, so these are provided separately on a CD.

I am told by a teacher that in other books pages are removed that refer to reproduction, fossil fuels, the ages of rocks, redshifts and radiocarbon dating methods.

The full report can be seen here.



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