PBCC invited to Wikipeebia Forums

PBCC Invited

Wikipeebia, in the interest of being completely unbiased in content is extending an offer for current EB/PBCC to register in our forum debates. We promise none of your posts will be deleted unless we believe they contain illegal material or an unwarranted breach of confidence in keeping with the general rules of the forum.

How it works:

We have a block of usernames that link to no email address so there is no need to sign up as the other users do. In this way, EB or PBCC users get to a) stay anonymous, b) get use of the site without having to register and c) are able to get their points across with persons who in many cases do not understand fully the ways of the current PBCC and how recent changes have brought in things that their families were wrecked over. i.e. having a mobile phone etc.

Please request your username at admin@wikipeebia.com and enter “PBCC Username Request” as the subject heading in your email.

The email you use to contact us will not be used for any sinister purpose, we promise.

Come and chat with the likes of Abishag, the Fisherman, the Erect Vessel and others – you will find common ground with many and in most cases, our forum patrons are quite human. There are strict rules against abuse of any sort on the forums so if for any reason, someone jumps out of the screen, grabs you around the throat and starts throttling you – we can regulate all such occurrences with relative ease.

We would love to have you on board!





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