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  • AU – RRT Ballarat support Reclink Australia June 2018
    RRT Ballarat we please join their support to Reclink Australia at their Community Program held at the White Flat Football Oval on the 27th June 2018. Arriving onsite at 12:00 noon RRT volunteers set up to cater for approximately 180 people, both staff members and kids participating in the event. Sausage Sandwiches were served, with […]
  • AU – Swan Hill to Port Fairy M2M Ride 2018 supported by RRT Swan Hill, Nathalia & Stawell
    The Murray to Moyne has two goals; (a) to raise funds for Hospitals and Health Services throughout Victoria and (b) to continue Woody’s dream of getting more people to realise the health benefits of riding a bike. Graham Wood (Woody) initiated the very first ride of this event 30 years ago to raise money for the Port […]
  • AU – RRT Perth supporting Harry Perkins Institute’s Walk for Women’s Cancer May 2018
    “We like to get people together and try and make a difference; and you guys are doing it!” Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research Director Peter Leedman gave this testimonial as he thanked the members of the Plymouth Brethren’s Rapid Relief Team (RRT) for their efforts during the Perth 2018 Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer […]
  • AU – RRT Adelaide supported One Culture Football April 2018
    Everyone enjoys a good game of football! One Culture Football aims to empower young people from all cultures, abilities and diverse backgrounds to forge community connections, using the world game. Confidence is gained amongst the individual players, and groups too, helping them to take control of their lives and make positive choices while building connecti […]
  • AU – Once again RRT supports Bike for Burns May 2018
    With a crisp start to the day, the Bike 4 Burns riders eagerly assembled at the Southport Fire Station at 6am Friday 18th May 2018, ready to embark on the 750km, 7 day journey to raise much needed funds for the Children’s Hospital Foundation burns research and treatment. During this adventure, RRT supported the riders […]
  • AU – RRT Adelaide at the Kalaya Children’s Centre May 2018
    On Friday afternoon 11th May 2018, RRT supported the Kalaya Children’s Centre in Queenstown Adelaide by supplying more than 200 sausages in bread to those that attended their open day. Kalaya is an Aboriginal focus Children’s Centre which provides preschool (kindergarten), long day care, community development programs, and speech pathology support. It was an […]
  • DE – RRT Germany & the Sport Event for Downs!
    On your marks, get set… live! This is the motto of the German Sport Event for Downs, which takes place in Frankfurt once a year. This year RRT Siegen & Endbach had the privilege of participating in and supporting this event. A total of 4000 visitors took part, 800 of them with Down’s syndrome, who attended […]
  • AU – RRT Kalamunda out in support of Relay for Life Perth May 2018
    Well what a wonderful day for RRT (Rapid Relief Team) to be included in on, the Relay for Life’s 60th year of trying to find a cure to cancer, so we can one day live in a cancer free world. Families and friends with survivors and lost loved ones were all there to walk, run, […]
  • AU – RRT & The Lake Hume Challenge Feb 2018
    February 2018 saw RRT Albury out to help raise funds for the Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Council, along with the 197 keen riders who took part in the Lake Hume Cycle Challenge. The five different tracks took the riders through the amazing North East Victorian region with the rolling hills, the beautiful Lake Hume and […]
  • AU – RRT Berwick at Pinkies 50th Anniversary March 2018
    This event was to assist The Pink Ladies who run a café at the Frankston Hospital with all profits going towards purchase of needed equipment in various departments at the hospital. The Pink Ladies run entirely by local volunteers were celebrating 50 years of support for Frankston hospital and have so far donated over 9 […]

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  1. I’m so sad for anyone who was born into this cult. I read Steve Hassan’s cult mind control, it’s all there. I’ve looked at Exclusive Brethren or whatever those crooks renamed themselves and they’re devious controlling men wrecking families, destroying lives. But there is hope and future when Courage kicks in, Our god given human inheritance!! I’m an ex cult member and it has just made me stronger, I rebel against every hateful sinful way they taught me. I live, love and after many years of pain, loss and depression that almost drove me mad, I regained more passion for life than most people. I will not give the rest of my years to them. Another great great book that helped me by an ex Mormon psychologist, Marlene someone, is Leaving The Fold …for former fundamentalists. This book I read several times and it’s so positive it help me rebuild my mind, identity and my life. But I’ve been looking at the pictures of those little white minibuses that take Peebs kids to their special school just in case the poor souls meet anyone who could contradict their leaders and prophets interpretation of the bible. How on earth does anyone manage to leave? How did you break free? Your courage is amazing, well done!!

  2. There is a lot of talk about the statements/articles of faith that have been adopted by the various PBCC meeting room trusts. That really means nothing and from my enquiries the better part of the PBCC members have neither knowledge nor understanding of these statements nor do they have any inclination to find what they say.

    It is NOT the meeting hall trusts that have caused the hurt and distress, it is the PBCC fellowship per se.

    The PBCC fellowship/church/cult is one entity globally, and the halls are separate and individually controlled trusts administering the church halls in each location where the PBCC members meet. The global church/cult is not a congregational organisation, nor is it really herarchical like the Anglicans amd Roman Catholics. This is a cult run absolutely by one man and the only memebr having any input into the selection of ths person is the previous world leader. This one person’s word is absolute law, and the only things that may resemble a hierarchy, are the series of henchman in the various localities who see that the global leaders laws are enforced absolutely, or people are excommunicated.

    The rules change at the whim and fancy of the world leader. Any who were excommunicated under a rule that subsequently changes, are not reinstated to the cult fellowship. I was given one week in 1982 to sell my medium sized accounting practice as it operated on a large computer system. All PBCC members were given the same directive and as the then pig farmer world leader hated professionals, so it was a 2 pronged attack. It was the accountants turn, as lawyers, pharmacists etc had already either left their professions or the church.

    I had reached an agreement with PWC for the sale but it could not be completed in the given week. I was excommunicated and told that I was going to hell, and no longer had a link with God, and could never rejoin the fellowship. My wife stayed with me at that stage, and the PBCC members attempted to get my children from school, and they would then have used them as a bargaining tool to get my wife to leave me. This happened to maany who came home to an empty home and later found their families somewhere else, even in international locations. I had alerted the school and the local police and they kept the school under their watch for the day and gave me the details of the cars that had been circulating around the school – all known PBCCcars of course.

    In 2009 they told me they were wrong kicking me out. Howeer, even if I had wanted to rejoin, I could not have. I was in the position so many were in, being faced with a divorce and then remaking life again including a new relationship. My wife became an atheist within a few years and made a new life for herself and the 5 children, from who I am forever estranged.

    It is an abusive church and totally disregards the rights of individuals and families. Any who leave these days are faced with an inevitable loss of all relationships, which may include spouses and children as spouses are indoctrinated to give up their spouses up to the elders reporting any misdemeanours doubts or fears about the church and its every changing rules and beliefs. As they are all emplyed by cult members they not only lose their families, but their employment, homes and any accumulated wealth. If they own their businesses, there is a fair chnace due to complex trust structures they will possibly lose these as well.

    The indonctrination is insidious and progressive. I was born into the Exclusive Brethren, the present PBCC. I got taken out of school in 1960 at year 10. I was going to be a doctor but universities were decreed to be evil. In that year professional associations were ruled out as was eating with anyone not in the Exclusive brethren. In 1965 they were well into busting up families and under the control of the womanising and alcoholic world leader it left normal Chritianity behind, departing very quickly along a cultic pathway, In 1975 superannuation where all contributions are grouped into an investment was outlawed, and there ended the careers or many including me who held a senior position in a global firm.

    Undoing the effects of the teaching and indoctrination is not easy. Many have been overcome by it, some have tsken their own lives, some battle it out feeling they have succeeded one day only to fall into the depths of depression the next. I was a Freemason form 1982-1992, and then in a new relationship with 4 young step children joined that family a a Roman Catholic and remained so until it ended in 2012. Being an RC helped partly but I carried forward an uneasiness as to some beleifes and practices and studied the first 3 and last 3 centuries of Christianity between 2011 and 2013, and on meeting a lovely widow who was brough up a Methodist and was a retired nurse/psych, have at last 31 year later unhooked from the supestition, doubt, fears and spurious beleifs of thie wreched abusive cult now known and the Plymouth Brethren Chrstian Church.

    I have remade my life. From 1961-1970 I worked full time, completed professional qualifications in Production and Industrial Engineering, Cost Accountancy, Taxation and Corporate Auditing and gaining the mandarory statutory registrations. Since leaving the cult done extensive post graduate degrees and am currently completing a doctorate on Christian Ethics, nd am oart way through another on Comparative Religions comparing the PBCC with the Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah Witnesses in their practices of Excommunication/Disfellowshipping, and Psychological Child Abuse which arises throuhg their enfoced and brutal family separation rules. Man centered religions, abusive to their members with their brutal bullying and anti-Chrstian beliefs and practices.

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