Written by EB

The following are documents and letters written by EB or Exclusive Brethren (currently calling themselves ‘the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church’):

EB Separation Agreement

The infamous UBT Handbook

Current Employment Contract written circa 2007-2008

Horsforth Gospel Trust

RC – Meeting Notes

Stow Hill

Cyril Parsons Letter – 1 February 2013

Copy of Focus Schools banned book list

A Response to an Article Titled: The Rapture… Promted by John Wallis

The Green Delusion circa 2006

BGT charity Summary Information Return 2009

Submission relating to Death and Cremation Certification – allan Prestidge/Dean Hoyle

Brethren Demand Human Rights Appeal Decision – 24/7/2002 – David Nicholson

Attendance at Fellowship Meetings, 3 Day meetings… Bruce Hales circa 2004/5

EB_Marriage_Vows – Initiated by John Hales

EB Directives JTJnr

EB Rules, with Documentation

First Principles in Closing Days – Darby/Kelly/Mackintosh

Focus Learning Trust – An Overview

Free meal Shrewsbury – 3/11/2012 – Attempt to appear charitable

Gore Gospel Hall Trust Charitable status application 17/8/2006

History Of Testimony Table since JND – Anonymous

Householder_Responsibility PC/Wordex ownership – One Focus

Letter to John Howard – 28/6/2003 – on Iraqi War

JT on Missionary Work – ‘Rev’ – 24 8/2012

License Agreement for Software Use for PC’s/Wordex ‘censored use’ machines

Onefocus Telecoms – Broadband and Domestic Landlines pricing and App form

Political Letter 2004 – Markham/Diplock/Truan/Southard/Johnstone/Logan/Boram/Waskey

Reply to Mail Article (Wilton Park School) – 20/1/2013 – Trevett, Reiner, Christie, Rich, Aris, Hazell, Birch

The Chronicle HEB Letter – 4/6/2012 – Bowie/Fossey

UBT_Global_Survey_Letter_- 10/11/2011 – Hales/Hales/Gadsden/Joyce/Anderson/Joyce

Vows as given to betrothed couple

Wilton Park School – Rebuttals, comments – 22/1/2013

Wordex_Ownership_Change – UBT – Current

EB Travel Arrangements – 27/08/2004