Scholarly Analyses

The Exclusive Brethren-Separatism and Human Rights in England and Wales

An EB Overview – John Weightman – 11-2012

Darby the scholarly enigma – Stunt

Growth of Exclusivism – Shuff

History Of Testimony – JND to 1990

A Brief History of the Brethren – Ian McDowell

Origins Early Development Plymouth Brethren – Embley – 1966

Piepkorn – Plymouth Brethren – 1970

The Brethren A Brief sketch of Origin – AndrewMiller

The Humanity of Jesus Christ – FF Bruce – 1973

Who are the Brethren – Barber – 2001

Juvenile Justice Centre on Brain Development 1-1-2004 – Adam Ortiz

Robert Bayliss – My People – Book Review

Belief and morals among the Taylorites – Peter Caws

Childhood Abuse and Religion – Excerpt from ‘The God Delusion’ – Richard Dawkins

Commission_of_Inquiry – French National Assembly – 12/2006

Cult Watcher’s Handbook Excerpt

Culture of Curiosity – Peter Caws

Religion as a Factor in Custody and Access Disputes – Rex Adhar

The Cult Watcher Handbook

Dangerous Persuaders – Louise Samways

EB tract – Some Truths Concerning the So-called Exclusive Brethren – Peter Caws

Exclusive Brethren: an educational dilemma – 1990 – Dr Stephen Bigger

Entrapment_and_Rejection – The Case of the Exclusive Brethren – 3/7/2010 – Peter Caws

Children’s Beliefs and Family Law – Margaret F Brinig

Fanatical Belief – Peter Caws

Do the Next Thing: Henry Lewis Barrett and the evolution of the Hobart Brethren Assembly

Holding a mask – Galatians 2: 11-21

The Use of Religious Fundamentalism as a Defence against the Intolerable Anxiety created by Uncertainty – Michéle Huppert

ICSA Conference Paper June 16th

On Being Raised in and Leaving the Exclusive Brethren – Resonances in Adulthood – Anonymous

The Exclusive Brethren and an Australian rural community – Matthew Tonts

Living by Faith – Timothy Larsen

The Brethren (Marriage and Family) – Gary D Bouma

The Brethren – Origin, Progress and Testimony – Andrew Miller

Mansfield College Conference – 12/11/2007 – Huppert/Baker/Fletcher

Reviews – Journal of Ecclesiastical History – No.3, 6/2004

Church History Reviews

Plymouth Brethren (Christian Brethren) – Arthur Carl Piepkorn

Psalm 151 Septuagint

Explaining Schism – 1890-1990 – Mark Chaves/ John Sutton

Sectarian Characteristics of Alcoholics Anonymous – Robert Kenneth Jones

The Only True Church – Posted by Reader – 19/12/2009

Who Are The Brethren and does it matter? – 1986 – Harold H Rowdon

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t, Religious Shunning – 11/1988 – Justin K Miller