This Library page or pages will eventually form part of the massive collection of both audio and documents that are coming in. If you have any documents that pertain to the Plymouth Brethren, Exclusive Brethren currently under Bruce Hales’ leadership that you wish to share, please send them to: Or upload it anonymously here:

The following library folder areas have been requested so far:


Legal Cases

Media Reports

Personal Letters and Memoirs

Scholarly Analyses

Written by the EB

Again, as this site grows momentum in getting fact out about the Elusive Exclusive Brethren or Plymouth Brethren or whichever alias is currently being used, there will be many more headings in this library repository of fact. There are also a few library posts on

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  1. Whilst I am a fan of reading the biographies of former brethren, I was disappointed that alcohol dominated his social sphere, that he felt obliged to have a drink to fit in etc etc… Despite this, it was otherwise a very good read!

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