Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Financials

The below are links to the published Plymouth Brethren Christian Church financials of current PB and PB-related businesses. They link to a site called Duedil.

Onefocus EU Limited

Orthene Chemicals Limited

The Grace Trading Group

KB Packaging

Academy Schoolwear (Int.) Ltd

NOA (UK) Ltd

Havwoods Limited

WPS Westward LLP

Unispace Global Limited

Hughes Travel Trust (Charity)

Hughes Travel Trust (Charity) – seems like something is being hidden on this one…

These to follow:

Abridge Charitable Trust
The Allbrook Education Trust
Allenby Tutorial Trust
Allerton Education Trust
Alpine Educational Trust
Ashley Gospel Hall Trust
The Askwith Trust
The Ashwood Education Trust
Bedwade Charitable Trust
Beechcroft Study Centre
Bessborough Education Trust
Bible And Gospel Trust (also referred to as Bible & Gospel   Trust)
Bible & Gospel Trust (also referred to as Bible & Gospel   Trust)
The Brislington Trust
Brookdale Education Trust
The Brookfield Education Trust
The Brookfield Poverty Trust
Brookside Education Trust
The Broomhill Trust
The Cadogan Trust
The Cambrian Education Trust
Central Hardship And Relief Trust
Charity Of Eva Annette Louisa Bishop
Cheney Manor Trust
Chester Meeting Room Trust
The Chestnut Avenue Trust
The Cheviot Trust 1976
The Cocklebury Education Trust
Coldfair Poverty Trust
The Copsewood Education Trust
Coventry Meetings Poverty Trust
Creswell Trust Of Stafford
The Croydon And District Education Trust
Darata Sutton New Trust
Deva Education Trust
Diglis Lane Trust
Drayton Bridge Trust
Ealing Educational Resources Trust
The Elmes Trust
Exeter Brethren’s Welfare Trust
Fair Acres Charitable Trust?
The Fairview Trust?
Favell Charity Trust
The Feltham Hill Education Trust
The Fenland Trust
Garfield Poverty Trust?
Glenwood Education Trust
Gospel Hall Fund
Gothenburg Trust
The Grosvenor (1991) Poverty Trust
The Halfhide Trust
The Hart Road Trust
Heritage Educational Trust
The Heron Educational Trust
The Highcombe Edge Trust
Hillside Charitable Trust
Hillside Education Trust
Hillside Trust (cotswolds)
Horsforth Gospel Hall Trust
The Houghton Trust
Hughes Travel Trust
Isis Valley Education Trust
Kesteven Education Trust
Keystone Education Trust
Larchcroft Education Trust
Legrams No 2 Charitable Trust
Leydenhatch Charitable Trust
Leydenhatch Educational Centre
Littlehaven Education Trust
The Long Leys Education Trust
Martha Butler Trust
The Meadover Trust
Medeshamstede Education Trust
The Midlands Eventide Home Trust?
The Mill Road Trust 1982
Mowbray Relief Trust
New Beckenham Hill Poverty Trust
Northfields Education Trust
Northmoor Educational Trust
The Northumbria Education Trust
oakdene education trust
Oakhill Education Trust
Oldbury Gospel Hall?
The Orchard Education Trust
Overseas Meeting Rooms Trust
Overseas Meeting Rooms Trust Company
Pauls Row Assembly Trust?
The Penns Education Trust
Quantock Education Trust
Quantock Provident Trust
The Redlands Education Trust
The Redlands Provident Trust
Roding Valley Trust
Rydes Hill Trust
Sandford Road Poverty Trust
Sceptre Education
The Sedgehill Poverty Trust.
Sefton Trust
The Shire Education Trust
Solent Education Trust
South Canterbury Charitable Trust
SOuth Downs Education Trust
Springwell Education Trust
The St Pauls Road Peterborough Charitable Trust
Stenbury Education Trust
Sussex Weald Education Trust
Thistledown Education Trust
Three Counties Education Trust
Trent Valley Education Trust
The Treverbyn Education Trust
The Tunbridge Wells Educational Trust
Vale Trust 1985
The Vale Schooling Trust
The Watling Trust
The Waverley Trust
Wey Valley Education Trust
Whinfield Study Trust
Whitecroft Education Trust
Willowview Education Trust
Wollaton Charitable Trust?
The Woodlands Poverty Trust
Wycombe General Trust?
Wyken Meeting Rooms Trust
Wellgrove Education
Ermine Education Trust

if there are more financials you would like to see here please email and we will happily list them for you.