Information requests are many at the current time. Many have asked, and we get asked on a daily basis who we are and what our motives are for running a site like this one. It is really simple, due to repeated attacks on various enterprises much like this one by christian groups, we have created a group of persons who each will receive a full copy of the code and content of this website at regular intervals to remove the possibilty of the content that is here being lost forever.

To do this without repercussion, we need to remain anonymous. Please respect our wish for anonymity by not asking who we are.

We are represented in four countries, and have included lawyers and lawmen within the group to maximise the possibility of a long and fruitful life on the once ‘wicked’ world wide web.

Our motives: To assist leavers of the exclusive brethren and to get the truth out there about this family wrecking, evil cult.

God bless our families that are still in!

Wikipeebia Information

If you have something you feel we need to know please upload it anonymously here: