Mrs Rosie Waddell – Confirmed Suicide

Mrs. Waddell’s first name was Rosie. She died in the late 1960’s – believed to be 1968.

It is confirmed that EB pressures are believed to be the primary cause of Rosie Waddell’s death.

Publication: The Sydney Morning Herald
Date: November 30 1968.   Section: None; Page: 7.



An order by the Exclusive Brethren had culminated in the death of an Austinmer mother of five, the District Coroner, Mr W M Sherley, S.M. said today.

He said the harsh directive by the sect had broken up a family and caused the woman, a sect member, seven years of emotional distress.

Mr Sherley made the remarks at the conclusion of an inquest into the death of Rose Waddell, 49, of Wigram Road, Austinmer, in September.

He brought in a finding of suicide by strangulation.

Mrs Waddell had been found by her husband hanging from a rafter in an outside toilet near their home.

Mr Sherley said the woman had been in a state of depression before her death.

“She appeared to have no interest in the future.” He said.

Her condition had stemmed from the departure from the family home of three of her five daughters seven years ago.

A directive had been given to the daughters by a religious sect known as the Exclusive Brethren.


Mrs Waddell had been admitted to Gladesville Psychiatric Centre for treatment last April.

Her husband requested that Mr Sherley withhold details of the inquest from publication.

But Mr Sherley said he felt the public should be made aware of the tragic results of the case.

He said: “Following from the harsh directive given by this sect, it had an effect not only of interfering in and breaking up the family unit, but also caused the deceased to go through seven years of severe emotional distress.

“It culminated in her suicide.”