Ken Rogers – Confirmed Suicide

Our readers wrote in:
Unsure of date of leaving, but he did leave behind a wife and 3 children.
I think it was 2005 he was living somewhere like Tocumwal, near Albury. He was being visited by the Albury EB, something to do with the Review and they had told him that he could come back but kept delaying (from what I understand).
He could apparently take their delaying tactics no longer and so drove himself to the work premises of one his priests and gassed himself. He was buried by the EB.
I did hear that he was unwell, but don’t know exactly what was wrong. I think he had re-married and had at least one child with the 2nd wife. But whenever he was spoken about he was painted as a waste of space and loser etc, typical EB behavior.
A man by the name of Ken Rogers left the Exclusive Brethren in the 1970’s. He left his wife and three children after his excommunication from the Melbourne chapter of the Exclusive Brethren. He wandered aimlessly around for a while. He took up yachting but lost everything when his yacht capsized. He moved to Albury, as part of his itinerant lifestyle and for a time lived there whilst suffering from some severe mental illness.
Then came the Bruce Hales inspired “Review” and contact was made with the Exclusive Brethren again.
Although he was a person at severe risk of taking his own life, of which the Exclusive Brethren saw first hand accounts of [trying to take his own life], they continued to deny him his wish, to be reunited 35 years later, with his family.
Graeme Sealey, an Albury, Exclusive Brethren leader, had known Ken Rogers, from his Melbourne days and was assigned the job of investigating his suitability for re-entry into the EB’s. One of the sticking points in his re-entry was that Ken, already in an increasing state of depression, was told that he would have to get rid of his big, white Alaskan husky dog.
Two years ago, in 2005, Ken drove to Graeme Sealey’s workplace, parked in the Hume Ex [Suppliers of Exhaust pipes] carpark in Lavington on the outskirts of Albury, placed a pipe to his car’s exhaust pipe and killed himself. Ken Rogers would be in his 60’s. The Albury police have knowledge of this now and senior, well respected town folk are following up on this tragic story.
Kenneth Irwin Rogers took his own life on the 19th of Sepember 2004 at the workplace of one of the Albury EB leadership, Graeme Sealey.
He was buried secretly by the Exclusive Brethren on the 23rd of September 2004 in Section 10 K 43, at the Albury Lawn Cemetry.
His body, still lies in an unmarked grave.