James Ward – Confirmed Suicide

James Ward review, written by a reader:

James tragically died alone, in the way many of his friends feared. He had serious alcohol addiction issues. Issues that he felt were compounded by the heartless way he was treated by the peebs. Without doubt he had every reason to feel he was being denied the love of his family, by the strictures of the peebs, it was hard for him to maintain any hope.
James had a successful business (QC Publications) when in fellowship, publishing a car parts price guide. He was feted by the leaders, and considered suitable material to emigrate to strengthen a small position. He fancied San Francisco. I don’t know how the move came to not happen. His business was ideally suited to adapt to new technology, a phone app or similar. Due to the peeb prohibition on such stuff, the business slowly died, tho he had acquired a fair bit of capital from it in the meantime.
James liked the ladies, and was withdrawn from because he used his spare time to play away from home. I’m not clear of the exact timing of events after that, but at some point his wife Jenny and children were out of felly and with him, but they all went back. On his own admission to me, his addiction to alcohol played a part in their return to the peebs. James struggled to come to terms with this, and took refuge in a diet of 75% white wine. Previously (while in the peebs) he had been convicted of drink-driving, then nine and a half years later he committed a very serious drink-driving offence, for which he was sentenced to eight months in prison. On his release he was left in a situation where he was mostly at home alone – and soon drinking again. A move to Marbella gave him a break. He could drive again in Spain (by some strange quirk in the Law), his brother Charlie and other friends lived there, and he  some good times. But he had relapses when he would drink himself senseless and push away all who tried to help him. Tragically he died of a massive heart attack alone (as he insisted) in his appartment, and was not found til days later.
The story of his burial is another shocking account of continuing peeb insensitivity and unkindness.