Frank Scott – Confirmed Suicide

Frank Scott – Suicide.

After a request from a reader, from a reader:

I remember my dad getting a call saying he was ‘taken’. He gassed himself in the little Renault he used to have. I cant remember what year it was. I would have been still in junior school I think. He had been out of fellowship for a little while and Barbara (his wife) had moved next to the Somerset West meeting room. They lived in Parfitt (sp?) Road before that. He used to get drunk both before and after he was out of fellowship. As regards to why he was kicked out and what drove him to suicide I don’t know. That’s how Jonathan (his eldest son) got into the sprayer business. Frank had been selling that sort of stuff and Jonathan took it on and grew it.
His brother Keith also died out of fellowship in 1985 or 86. Supposedly from a minor illness. Just got the flu and died. (slipped on the soap while showering kind of thing). I know his sister Marion suspects it was suicide and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

Can anyone shed some more light on this?