Hales rewriting Peeb History? Again?

A couple of strong rumours emanating from Peebland recently would indicate that things are not all rosy in the flock.

Firstly – we have a strong tip that BDH is telling the Peebs to start stripping JHS’s ministry from the shelves for landfill. Apparently his chipping away at beatifying his father’s memory and deeds has caused him to take issue with his former MOG predecessor.

After all – it was the paranoid and very vindictive Symington who booted his father out twice. And Hales today is having none of it. He reckons his old man was badly done by and the saints should hang their heads in shame for the wrong doing that was done to him. (Pity he does not feel the same urgency to put things right with all those that were treated wrongly and shabbily by the Peebs in the same era. But blood is thicker than water it seems. The rest of us didn’t affect Bruce personally – but his father’s legacy must be sanitized at all costs.)

So in an act of potential retribution – according to the tip- he is now going to erase Symington from the memories and psyche of the Peebs -in the first instance by disposing of his printed ministry. Soon – if not already -you won’t be able to mention his name in Peeb circles I expect. He has gone from MOG to a reviled and soon to be oft repeated ‘matter’.

We also heard of a story from another ex brother who basically told Hales to mind his own business when he refused to let BDH take over his business. At the time he said he couldn’t do that as he had Brethren employees who were loyal to him – and it was HIS business -so BDH threw him out for his refusal to be controlled. (And in so doing lost his wife, family and business…. but what’s new?)

Hales it seems can annex whatever he likes – including another man’s business if he feels like it.  We have heard similar stories in England so there must be some truth in it. It’s funny but his father tried to get his nose into and fingers on other people’s businesses too some years ago. So it must run in the family. A mate of mine got the arse for refusing to let John Hales look at his company’s books.

Call me spookily psychic but I reckon that if you try to put your nose too far into people’s lives – some sort of self preservation kicks in and you defend what you have. Especially if it’s a business that you have worked hard to build and maintain for some years. You are not about to hand over the books or the asset to a Hales storm trooper when they march in the door demanding the keys.
So -if true this heralds yet another corner turning in the Peebs and those of us who have already been thrown out rightly or wrongly as most of us were – can breathe a very long sigh of relief that we aren’t in there anymore.

It’s bad enough that they control every minute of just about every day, your home, your clothes, who you marry, your church attendance and even your holidays. And in many cases your business and your profit which is of course- their profit.

What a way to live! No thank you!

Note to Bruce. You cannot rewrite history. It lingers in people’s minds you see. You can do what Hitler did and burn books and demand that people see things your way – and your way only- but there is always that pesky contingent who do remember the truth.

If you really want to do some good, burn all JTJnr’s stuff as well and reverse the whole shebang back to 1958. That way you become a church again and some people will get their families and loved ones back.

If you want to rewrite history- forget about erasing your father’s mistakes in life. Just return the whole thing to the blueprint God intended. You have been banging on about the ‘testimony’ at the moment and frankly your testimony over the past decade has been deplorable. Bad language, child molestation, fortress like bunkers for churches that rub entire communities up the wrong way, dodgy schools, bad spokesmen, ridiculously nepotistic about faces, car chases, you name it – don’t exactly enhance your testimony Bruce. They show you in your true light. I can think of no other church with the possible exception of the Scientologists -your PR bedfellows – who have attracted more adverse attention.

Rewrite history by all means – but erase ALL the bad stuff – not just the bits that affected your own family. You are soooo transparent Bruce.



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