Hales’ great Blunder Unfolds

Hales certainly fancies himself as a great businessman – schooled by his late father as he loves to tell his followers. No doubt he also sees himself as the greatest architect of Brethren structure and makeovers in their checkered and increasingly cruel and illogical history.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. While he’s far too clever by half – he has stuffed up monumentally with some of his recent reversals. By embracing several things that were for years a Brethren no no – (and in so doing insulting the hell out of all those who were dealt with for these issues) he must today be stroking his jaw and wondering whether he did the right thing.  But I’ll ease you into this because the issues and effects are astounding.

When Hales gave his throng the green light on computers – he in effect- opened up a Pandora’s box that many – having loads of time on their hands – sought to exploit and plunder to its full and wonderful depths. I will wager that there are Exclusive Brethren out there today who know more about computers and how they work and what you can do with them than most of us. (With the exception of course- of Admin!)

For example- scores of Brethren mothers today Skype all over the world to talk to loved ones and friends. Up until two years ago I thought a Skype was an English water-bird. But now – your average Brethren woman might be trussed up in denim dresses and scarves and be devoid of hair dye and makeup- but she can set up her cam and direct her search engine to get her buddies on the line for a nice sit down and some face to face dialogue. The only trouble with this medium is that the young people can do it too. And they are far more adventurous. And quick on the technological uptake.

But – I hear you screaming- this can’t be true! Mister Bruce said they must only use HIS computers with the seriously dumbed down software that doesn’t let you have unfettered access to the internet and which can be accessed by his IT KGB henchmen looking to see what you are looking at – and accessing your turnover for the month. And I respond with the words of a once famous Australian politician- Pig’s arse!

The modern day Peeb is no dill. He gets the same catalogues in the mail as everyone else – and when he reads the ads from Dick Smith or Harvey Norman flogging the latest laptops with ALL the bells and whistles – he (or she) now knows what it all means. So they quietly shelve Bruce’s antiquated, lethargic, wheezing, over-priced old laptop and go and buy the new uncensored model with all the apps and the 2TB memory card.  They can do what they like now with no repercussions.

You might recall that this was a problem that Bruce became aware of  – probably because his IT KGB henchmen said – ‘Woo Bruce- these buggers aren’t using their computers half enough! How are we gonna make money from this – er- going forward?’ So Bruce- issued an official memo to each assembly to be read out loud – offering an amnesty to those who had hidden PC’s and Blackberries and mobile thingummies in their abodes – with a further offer to even buy them back at agreed market prices. According to my source- they didn’t even get a tenth of them.

Which is why today – you will see a faint glow in every Peeb bedroom at night, in every town from here to Barbados. Not forgetting the poor old love in a bedroom somewhere in Australia whom I have reported on in the past, who despite being close to 80 – and never having experienced the joy of a man in her life – who has discovered through the wonder of the Net – entertainment. She has now fallen deeply in love with George Clooney. It’s home from the supper and straight into a re-run of Ocean’s Twelve and Thirteen for her. All courtesy of Bruce’s new thrust for technology and income.

Of course I welcome this. I also urge the Peebs who are suitably set up with a Bruce free model – although God knows I am probably several years too late here- to discover You Tube. The greatest entertainment medium ever devised. Think of something you want to see- type it in and sit back. In three hours you will have been prompted around the world and back again. Start with “Exclusive Brethren” it will fascinate you!

Of course- there is a downside to this sort of wonderful – what’s the word – Worldliness! And that is the kids. They have discovered dating sites – some to their misadventure and most have probably stumbled across something called pornography. Unthinkable in my day. There’s many the Brethren youth today who spends much of his down time as it were, being a Merchant Banker. And many have left because they can see a world of opportunity out there. Many have searched for something called a ‘career’ and planned their getaway in their bedrooms months in advance. All thanks to Bruce’s newly allowed technology.

According to my source – young kids are still leaving in droves. I protested to my informer – “Surely you jest! Mister Bruce’s website says that they practically lose no one and have practically no divorces”. “Rubbish”- was the answer – “there’s a whole new wave of kids who are walking away. Just like they did in the 70’s and 80’s.”

Bruce’s fiscal greed and quest to create a Universal Business model has also created problems. We hear reports recently of a major Brethren business in Australia – which has special Bruce dispensation to operate 24 /7 due to its success in its field. It is currently sacking all of its Brethren employees- but not the worldly ones. Why – we don’t know as yet – but we will. Some younger brothers were working overtime here instead of going to meetings – so this might explain this bizarre reversal of fortune for them.

And – as I reported several years ago- many married Brethren wives work- despite the falsehoods of the official Peeb Website. Each and every day. Especially the poorer ones who are trying to raise and feed a tribe of kids. Apparently Bruce turns a blind eye to this activity – because it means more money into his coffers and family trusts and the Brethren system as a whole.

So while Bruce thinks he is very smart and clever by introducing things into the Brethren arena that they can no longer live without (despite wrecking thousands of families for the same thing) little by little – it is all starting to unravel.

And the news for the future is not good- as more people become disenchanted with his huge business emphasis, his constant grabs for cash, his all seeing Hench-teams – and his general rudeness and arrogance in his dealings with the Brethren themselves. Like making them wait for him constantly and his constant shuffling of the rules that they had gotten used to.
But it will be this technology that does more damage to them than anything else.

Remember I said that.



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  1. Good Afternoon
    I have read your extract with interest.
    I was born into the Exclusive Brethren community in 1968 and was ex communicated in June 2013.
    I have had a history of issues with some of the members of the Brethren, I may add, I am not bitter or got a chip as to the way one or two of the individuals have treated me. Believe me I have had my fair share. I will like to add, these individuals who have inadvertently caused so much pain to my family and I, I will also add I am no angel, I do not profess to be any one special. I will also add I understand that it is not the Exclusive Brethren as a community or a group are the issue or the Leader. Quite the contrary the Brethren are hardworking Godly group, an testament that we can all be thankful for the Christian standards that has been an rod and guide that is installed in our early years that stays with us for the left of our lives.
    When I initially came out, I was disgusted and ageist with the bitterness of persons who write about the Brethren.
    What I will say is, the majority of the Brethren are good people, as in many organisations, there are an few bad eggs. This doesn’t make their actions right or excusable, I don’t condone this behaviour.
    What I would like to do is say it how it is, anyone who knows me will understand this. in an word, I don’t take BS.

    By writing these distorted twisted reports about the Brethren will NOT ever do any good, quite the contrary, it will only stir the pot of bitterness, add to the pain, bring confusion and an fog as to the actual facts as to the ‘average Brethren member’ yes there is pain, yes there are families that are estranged from their family, I am one. Yes we don’t understand the logic as to some of the actions of both those that have left and some of the management in the Brethren. I will add, these individuals are not and are NOT an example of an average Brethren member or represent the Brethren.
    I don’t pretend to know the answer, I don’t pretend to be perfect, quite the contrary, I am an average man in his mid-40’s that is not pertically intelligent or profess to have the answers, what we can do is pull together and give those that are lonely, scared, traumatised from within and outside of the community. To show a Godly and Christ like spirit without any preference or prejudice.
    To say that the leader of the Brethren is wicked, is deluded and far from the truth. You sir am deluded and obviously very bitter. I have met and am known to the Leader of the Brethren for a very long time, well over 25 years, I have had close contact with his Father again an beautiful Christ like man, on many occasions and I will witness to the fact he is and his family is and are loving caring beautiful Godly man, if any one wants to challenge me, bring it on, my FB is Tim Scott, I’m from Godalming Surrey.
    To make it clear, I am not saying this to get any Brownie points; I don’t want any credence for saying this and am not doing this for any personal gain. Yes I’m in conflict with some of the members of the Brethren, yes I don’t agree with everything these individual’s say or how they act, but they are not a testimony to what he average Brethren member is or represent the Breathren.
    May I suggest, you go and use your energy on helping vulnerable persons, if someone leaves the Brethren the majority leave wanting an hedonistic life, the majority leave with no idea, it is no party out here, they have an distorted understanding of the world, they seek freedom, finding out the life they have found is far from freedom. Very few keep their Christian life, belief factors. Why don’t we all put our energy into something better?
    The Leader of the Brethren is a prophet and is a Godly man. The majority of the management and the members of the Brethren are the same, they lead an Godly and righteous life that is the envy of the majority of the population, If it wasn’t, I would be the 1st person to say so.
    You are obviously writing your account based on outdated, distorted accounts, you don’t have the facts, you don’t know what the up to date facts are or what you are talking about, what I would challenge you to, go and knock on the door of any neighbour of the Brethren, speak to ANY person who does business with the Brethren, come back to me with what they say? You know and so do I, the Brethren are on the whole, caring, loving and family Godly persons. I travel an great deal, I cover the whole of the UK and Ireland, I travel to Europe, I have turned up at one of the Brethren’s houses tired and exhausted not had an clue as to who they are, let alone met them before, they have treated me like their own son, family member, fed me, treated me like an king. You know you can leave your car keys, wallet, anywhere and know you can trust them. You tell me, where can you find this? Yes I have found an average person out here is friendly, is non-judgmental, but you cannot trust anyone like you can in the Brethren, it is not the same. Yes it is an totally different set of rules, but what I am trying to emphasise, is you are painting an very twisted picture of an small group of persons, you need to stop it as it is offensive and wrong.
    It is an lie to say the Brethren youth are leaving in droves, where did you get this from? I could take you to an Brethren’s school/ campus , go and see the results, what they do, speak to the teachers as to the Brethren children, go and find any Brethren’s School, pick any, your choice, what you will find is they are in the top league of schools, UK, Ireland, USA, Australia. My dear friend, you are deluded.
    It is distressing to hear these extracts, the ridiculous Wiki Peeb FB , the very name is offensive, if you or your friends publicly opened up an FB using an slang for an Asian or Eastern religion, you sir would be taken down and prosecuted as racial. What is the difference?
    If anyone criticised the leaders of other religions, they would be in deep trouble. Any one criticising a leader or the religion of other denomination would be taken down.
    Wake up and smell the roses, you have no basis for your stupid and offensive postings, if you continue to spread lies and accusations against the Brethren members as an group, I will have no problem in taking this further.
    For goodness sake, FORGIVE! FORGET and if you are happy with your life, stop filling your head and others by publishing, writing these ridiculous bitter contaminated venomous tweets, FB extracts, or whatever.
    It is not Christ like, Godly to do this and you will not be prospered. None of us are above the law.
    You may ask, why on earth are you doing? im here because this is where God wants me to be, maybe to tackle these publications? who knows.

    Have a good day.
    Tim Scott

  2. Hi Tim,

    Perhaps you are unaware of the many battles that have preceded posts such as these against the peebs in the main. True stories of abuse, hypocrisy and many other simple refusal of basic human rights cases.

    I have allowed your comment as unlike the PBCC, we don’t remove comments that sway either way as in the case of yours you seem very ‘Pro peeb’.

    This site is driven by fact and works as follows. If you can provide unequivocal proof that what is said by ‘The Fairfield Kid’ above is untrue, then it will be removed.

    As to the name Wikipeebia, perhaps once you have lived in the real world for a few years, you may become aware of the largest repository of fact out there. Wikipedia? See a synergy?

    Being Godly has nothing to do with this, doing what is right has everything to do with it. God and what’s right are not necessarily synonymous – that is an opinion.

    We will watch with interest to see where you stand once informed and educated as to the way PBCC have treated many regardless of the law, human rights, or any rule by which society generally behave.


  3. If the HEB are so wonderful (including their leader ) why are you not a full blown EB yourself Tim?
    Doesn’t make any sense! Presumably your family are still “in”, why destroy your relationship with them for something that you clearly don’t know the full facts about otherwise you wouldn’t paint such a positive picture of them.
    Also as a recent leaver could you answer a question for me please? How does BDH justify all the 180° turns he has dictated recently? Computers mobile phones faxes etc. Must be very confusing for the masses.
    I await your answers with interest.

  4. It appears that the EBs now follow the line of “collective salvation” rather than the belief in the individual conscience and salvation. This follows the “earthly” trend to corporatism in all areas of endeavour and may put them in the general classifiction of being a cult”…… “The Oxford Handbook of Millennialism offers an in-depth look at both the theoretical underpinnings of the study of millennialism and its many manifestations across history and cultures. Christian Dispensationalism, the Taiping Revolution, cargo cults in Oceania, the Baha’i Faith, and the Raelian Movement would seem to have little in common. What they share, however, is a millennial orientation, the audacious human hope for a collective salvation, which may be heavenly or earthly or both. Although many religions feature a belief in personal salvation, millennial faiths are characterized by the expectation that salvation will be accomplished, for an entire group, by a superhuman agent, with or without human collaboration. While the term millennialism is drawn from Christianity, it is a category that is used to study religious expressions in diverse cultures, religious traditions, and historical periods. Sometimes, millennial expectations are expressed in peaceful ways. Other times, millennialists become involved in violence. The book begins with a section that examines four primary types of millennialism. The succeeding parts examine key issues such as charismatic leadership, use of scripture, prophetic failure, gender roles, children, tension with society, and violence. The rest of the book explores millennialism in a wide variety of places and times, from ancient Near Eastern movements to contemporary apocalyptic and new age movements, including the roles played by millennialism in national and international conflicts”.

    • Quotes from Tim:
      “I have met and am known to the Leader of the Brethren for a very long time, well over 25 years, I have had close contact with his Father again an beautiful Christ like man, on many occasions and I will witness to the fact he is and his family is and are loving caring beautiful Godly man”
      “The Leader of the Brethren is a prophet and is a Godly man.”
      Tim – are you by any chance trying to suck up to Mr Hales in the hope of him overturning your excommunication?
      Another quote:
      “If anyone criticised the leaders of other religions, they would be in deep trouble. Any one criticising a leader or the religion of other denomination would be taken down.”
      Tim, if you or I were to say something like “In my opinion the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury are raving idiots”, they wouldn’t even bat an eyelid. When you have been out of the EB a little longer, you will realise that in the real world (excuse that terrible word!) there is such a thing as free speech.

  5. Tim, mate, I’m afraid I only glanced over most of your post, because I’m a firm believer in making things simple and concise. But you will find among the expeebs there are a lot of decent guys who can help you find your way in the outside world. And as time passes it will be easier to see the Plymouth Brethren ‘Christian’ Church (or whatever it finds expedient to call itself) as the rather nasty cult that it really is. I hope you find some good friends, pal. Best regards, Gerard.

  6. Tim,

    Your rave confuses me to be honest. Both pro Peeb and anti-Peeb. You can’t have it both ways Pal. You have left….and good luck to you. But I will tell you something for nothing. Once you have been out for a long time the evil of what these people do – and yes I know there is good and bad in there- seems to crystallize in your mind. It is apparent for what it is. Forget all the forget and forgive stuff Tim – you will feel very wronged one day when you have made sense of it all. It may be when your siblings or parents die and they don’t even tell you. It may be when they take your inheritance. But trust me- you will loathe this so called religion for its self serving, unChristian attitudes and practices. It’s just a matter of seeing the truth. And don’t worry about accuracy Tim – we have enough ‘informers’ to keep us abreast of what goes on in there. Most Peebs are blinded and not accepting of the truth re the leaders in this thing Tim. If you want to read about the truth – read this web-site. It might amaze you. We didn’t come down in the last shower Tim. We know what goes on. That said- keep your nose clean and make something of yourself. And if you get sad- come here and we will help you.

    The Fairfield Kid

  7. Tim

    You aren’t out long enough to say these things. I’m only out 8 months and unless things have changed dramatically since then, (which is possible with BDH’s changing rules), the post on here is pretty accurate.

    You were born the same year as me and if you think you can have a clear view of life outside the PBCC after only 3 months, you are very wrong. After 44 years ‘in’ it will take years to deprogram! If you can’t see the whole system as wrong, I would strongly advise you return.

    I totally agree that there are many lovely honest people in there, my family and children for a start but can’t you see how so many things don’t make sense.

    Can you blame people for feeling angry when many were put out because of things which are now allowed. These people often didn’t leave out of choice like me and they lost everything for stepping out of line. My own son almost got chucked out about 2 years ago for having a FB page, yet now there’s a PBCC FB page. How is this consistent and right?

  8. Tim Scott has gone very quiet, perhaps he has re-read his rant and hopefully the comments following.
    Tim if you are reading this I still await you answers to my question above. Wont hold my breath though!

  9. Tim –

    Just a further thought, if you’ll bear with me…

    You obviously have very positive ideas about Bruce Hales even though his underlings apparently kicked you out and separated you from your family.

    It is a well-recorded phenomenon that some people under dictatorial regimes such as Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union would see bad things happening (maybe even to themselves) but then say “If Hitler (or Stalin or some other dictator as the case might be) knew this is going on, he would stop it.”

    Unfortunately, Hitler and Stalin etc DID know what was going on and certainly ordered and encouraged it. They were also very good – Hitler famously so – at giving orders by private word of mouth and not leaving evidence in writing, and posing as the benevolent overlord.

    I expect Bruce Hales will have been made aware of your flattering comments about him on this public website – which you can rest assured the EB monitor – and it will be interesting to see whether he decides to order his underlings to repent, apologise, and have you back.

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