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The Erect Vessel
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Re: Spoof Reading

Post by The Erect Vessel » Sun Apr 28, 2019 6:13 am

E.V. See you have to understand beloved Balaam's Ass that The Truth in our day has been hard fought for and won by these great men. And The Truth is you have to understand is that beloved beloved our beloved the first real riprorting alcy in the blessed line of this Recovery and manipulation Of The Truth, he said see...back in Detroit I think it was...was it Dean?

M.D.Yes it was.

E.V. See if Mean Dean said it was then it defiantly was. Defiantly so.
Anyway where were we? Oh yes. There has been some pernicious leaping devil rumours going around and they are not right or fair

T.M. You mean like a coloured brother's left leg?

E.V. (Voice of exasperation) ...no no no yes yes yes that is right, but its not what I mean...No no yes no yes.

T.M. You are sounding like the old guy off the Vicar of Dibley....

E.V. Who is the Vicar of Dibley? Because dispensationally the notion of a clergyman is a sin against the Holy Spirit.(said with smug conviction)

T.M. Well actually the Vicar Of Dibley was a woman which is even worse.

E.V. Oh definitely definitely defiantly...Sisters place is in the home sitting at the feet of her husband in subjection to him; sisters taking meetings Pfft!!! See whats in the world continues to baffle the minds and hearts of the unbelievers. See. A sister becoming the Universal Lead ha ha ha oh that is hilarious... I'd choke on my cocopops if Jenn tried to take a meeting...
See Blind unbelief is sure to err, and scan his work in vain, God is his own interpreter, and he will make it plain.

T.M. How about Google Translate...would that come into it in some way? A link..

E.V. I'll hyperlink you,,you you insubject so and so and anyway your wife is insubject and she doesn't love me...
Ah the suffering way is the glory way..

The Erect Vessel
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Re: Spoof Reading

Post by The Erect Vessel » Mon Apr 29, 2019 5:26 am

E.V. Thought see we could have a reading like one of these great men did many times around what year was it F.B,? (F.B. is Fat Boy)

F.B. 1968 onwards pretty much Our Beloved got into the full power of his ministry; full liberty and joy of sonship operating in a federal sense speaking reverently

E.V. See to the eyes and minds of the great unwashed snotsnoser opposers the things of God - they can't understand as they are deep you have to understand, so in the spirit of 1970 you bum you. Bum.Bastard.Boob. Your wife hates me.

F.B. No she doesn't

E.V. Oh yes she does.... (Roars of canned hysterical laughter)

What the hell are we doing here? You so and so, what are you saying?

P.A.N. (Pi**ed as a Newt) This will get us somewhere, this will get us somewhere, I don't know

E.V. I wasn't talking to you, boob. You bum;sit down, stand up,now sit down;stand up. Bum;boob
Now I really think we got somewhere tonight, and if our brother here is not too stingy with his Grange Hermitage we can always resort to Johnnie Walker's best..

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Re: Spoof Reading

Post by twotimothytwo » Mon Apr 29, 2019 7:22 am

Can we finish with that fine him 'Hales is his dad's anointed' ?

Hales is his dad's anointed, Bruce David, John's own son
Hales in the time appointed, his system's just begun
He's come to screw your business, charge you a massive fee
Sack all your own directors, installing UBT......

The Erect Vessel
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Re: Spoof Reading

Post by The Erect Vessel » Thu May 02, 2019 7:11 am

E.V. One is feeling things. Feeling things very deeply.

A.S. (Arrogant S...) You depressed Sunshine?

E.V. No I'm not depressed although thinking of my daddy who did suffer from...okokok he needed daddy's little helpers to get around as sometimes he felt the burdens of the testymoney. I don't have that problem; I go snap and the money rolls in...Hail to The Lord's Anointed Great Johnnie's greater son, when to the time appointed, the rolling dollars come in. I know a song about that... Has a sister got a Him? Or a Her? Oh no no no we don't go there do we... Gareth where are you? You are not gay are you?

E.V.Jr.. No Defiantly not gay.

E.V. It is defiantly time for a Him...
(Oh gee can't wait to get home and have a drink)

The Erect Vessel
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Re: Spoof Reading

Post by The Erect Vessel » Tue May 07, 2019 2:41 am

And it came to pass after many years...the voice crying in the wilderness that there came about a strange rustling. A rustling of bones coming together and a weeping and a wailing and gnashing of teeth, because a certain man, who had a body similar to that of the great Eglon whose knees smote against each other because he had been founding wanting, weighed in the balances - nearly bust the bloody scales he was so fat - that behold as the prophet had stated earlier - and in the form of one of his forebears turned and ran and exposed his heel - his Achilles heel as he ran for the hills...well not actually ran - he waddled - and disappeared with the loot just like Benito Mussolini to the hills but got smitten in the hinder parts and sent to everlasting reproach.

And hence endeth the lesson,

And One thinks that there is something in that for all of us and may The Lord bless the word for his name's sake amen

The Erect Vessel
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Re: Spoof Reading

Post by The Erect Vessel » Fri May 17, 2019 5:06 am

E.V. Thinking see of the scripture where it speaks of the priest's lips keeping knowledge and thought it would be the practical answer at this time when the very foundations of chri$ianity are under threat from wicked opposers; see as well some things need to be understood in relation to what the lord's voice at any particular junction of the te$tymoney would be carried forward as it were so to speak.

D.B. Would the man in John 9 come into it, in any way?

E.V. (We'll ignore that you dopey bastard)..em well see the latter can get taken up in the former but see the foolishness of quoting what may or may not have happened half a century ago. I mean clearly '65 when my daddums and my fave uncy were disparagingly kept from the Truth as worked out in a peculiar way unto themselves, I am sure beloved our beloved belovedly never said any such thing.

D.B. What thing was that?

E.V. It was the same as Aberdeen. Total misrepresentation of the facts. See these opposers said 'Give us the facts and we'll decide!' The impudence. The cheek to challenge whats erect in our day!

D.B. Would whats erect show itself in what has come up in New Zealand in regards to the bestiality matter?

E.V. I think we should move along quickly from that one, because its just a lie of the devil.

D.B. You mean the devils were lying down when it happened?


D.V. For the sake of the young can you explain was it the lie of the balls on the 18th that you are talking about?

E.V. Oh I'm out of here...book that flight to the Cayman Islands and make sure that there are a few nubile young sisters on board....

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