1993 NZ Video

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1993 NZ Video

Post by LadyKiwi » Tue May 14, 2019 10:20 am

Turn Back the Clock: A long but enlightening TV Documentary relating to the Exclusive Brethren in 1993


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Re: 1993 NZ Video

Post by twotimothytwo » Fri May 17, 2019 9:35 am

There is a startling reference in this film to an EB priest in New Zealand committing bestiality. 31.50 to check.

Apparently not the only link between this abhorrent act and the Exclusive Brethren as the following report reveals:-
Private Investigator linked to bestiality video allegations

A private investigator who was a former police officer has been linked by the Minister of Police with the allegations against Commissioner Howard Broad.

Annette King says Wayne Idour was the man who showed the pornographic movie at Mr Broad's Dunedin home in 1981.

The incident is one of several allegations made in the latest Investigate magazine, which wants an inquiry into alleged police misbehaviour in Dunedin over almost three decades.

Ms King says Mr Idour is also the private investigator who was hired by the Exclusive Brethren sect to follow Prime Minister Helen Clark and her husband.

She says Mr Idour has been "hawking the story around the media."

In a statement to RadioLIVE, Idour says he categorically denies supplying the movie, and he in fact expressed disgust at the film being shown.

He also contradicts claims only one person was left to watch the film, and does not recall the party being a fundraiser as others have claimed.

The Police Minister also wants to know why the magazine editor making allegations against Dunedin police did not present evidence to the government-appointed inquiry into police conduct.

Investigate magazine is claiming police misconduct dating back to the 80s and alleges crimes such as rape and drug-taking were committed by officers.

Minister Annette King is satisfied the allegations have gone before the Police Complaints Authority, but says editor Ian Wishart could have had them investigated earlier.
https://www.newshub.co.nz/nznews/privat ... 2007051511

On investigation, Wayne Idour a former police sergeant form Dunedin has courted controversy over many issues, not least snooping on behalf of the EB, but also a penchant for doing things with chickens other than roasting and eating them and involved in a 'sighting' of Madeleine McCann in New Zealand. Also known as 'The Godfather', Wayne Idour died suddenly and unexpectedly at home, aged 68. on 22 October 2018.


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Re: 1993 NZ Video

Post by twotimothytwo » Fri May 17, 2019 12:07 pm

'Cover Ups and Cop Outs' by Tom Lewis looks as if it might be an interesting read. Tom Lewis, a former police detective sergeant describes some of the worst cover-ups in New Zealand police history.
Remember when Police bought up all the copies they could, and ‘disappeared’ public library lending copies….
https://dunedinstadium.wordpress.com/20 ... s-copouts/

Sounds a very similar story to Norman Adams's 'Goodbye Beloved Brethren', when EB's went round buying and destroying every copy they could find.

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