Jane Doe

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Jane Doe

Post by twotimothytwo » Sat May 04, 2019 10:45 pm

A second legal action over the same story was taken against me by a church member described as "Jane Doe", who alleges my reporting illegally identified her as a child victim of sex abuse. That case continues in a different Sydney court.

In suburban meeting halls in Australian cities, the Brethren held prayer gatherings in which they appealed to God for the death or "removal" of me and McCorkell over "the legal proceedings in Sydney". When McCorkell did actually die this year at the age of 37 of natural causes, they called it an "answer to prayer", and "God's work completed".
https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/australia ... ain-silent

Forensic psychologist David Corwin first interviewed Jane Doe in 1984 at age six, in order to evaluate sexual and physical abuse claims by her father and stepmother, allegedly committed by Jane's biological mother.[1][3] At the time of these interviews Jane’s parents were going through custody battle, and both accused each other with wrongdoings such as tax fraud, failing to comply with visitation orders and physical abuse of the children.[4] In the absence of conclusive evidence about these allegations, Corwin was left to decide about their credibility, believing the father’s version and discarding the mother’s.[4] Corwin met Jane Doe three times as a child, videotaping the conversations with her, using the tapes and transcriptions as the basis of his analysis and evaluation of the abuse.[1] Six-year-old Jane stated on the videotapes several times that her mother repeatedly abused her,[1] but it was evident that this was not the first time she was asked to talk about what happened, raising the possibility for previous suggestions that could have influenced her.[2][4] She reported instances of digital penetration while the mother was bathing her, and other physical abuse such as hitting her, pulling her hair, and burning her feet on the stove.[1] On the basis of these interviews, Corwin concluded that the mother was abusing Jane Doe, and as a result she lost custody over her daughter, including visitation rights.[3][4]

Same 'Jane Doe' ?

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