Guilty plea to reckless driving causing death

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Guilty plea to reckless driving causing death

Post by LadyKiwi » Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:33 am

Guilty plea to reckless driving causing death
Published: March 2, 2019 3:22PM

The driver of a van in which his younger brother died and two other relatives were injured when it crashed near Wairoa in 2016, has pleaded guilty to charges arising.

Dean Samuel Crisp, 24, entered his pleas in Gisborne District Court to charges of dangerous driving causing the death of Ryan Glenn Crisp (who was 22), and two counts of dangerous driving causing injury.

He also pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to stop for police flashing lights in relation to a police pursuit of him on State Highway 2, which was abandoned about 10 kilometres before the accident occurred.

The van crashed on Awamate Road about 7.30pm on September 10, 2016.

The pleas followed a short hearing after which Judge Warren Cathcart indicated a sentence of home detention.
That sentence will be formally imposed on June 28.

Crisp was further remanded on bail.

Counsel Doug Rishworth told the court Crisp was already engaged in a restorative type process with his family.

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Re: Guilty plea to reckless driving causing death

Post by twotimothytwo » Tue Apr 02, 2019 8:37 am

The cause of the crash and the circumstances surrounding it were still under investigation, police said.

Earlier in the week, they said the car failed to stop after police tried to pull it over at 7.27pm on Sunday night.

The driver then allegedly fled from police, and at 7.30pm police abandoned the pursuit as they could no longer see the car.

Police said they received a report that a car had crashed about 10 minutes later. ... -by-police
If you're casual, you'll become a casualty
An oft repeated PBCC mantra.
The defendant had engaged an independent crash investigator who was still reviewing the case. ... iver-after
Crisp was already engaged in a restorative type process with his family. ... ng-causing

Not a word from my PBCC family. All I did was stop attending their unecclesiastical looking buildings.

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Re: Guilty plea to reckless driving causing death

Post by fisherman » Tue Apr 02, 2019 2:31 pm

When I was growing up in the EB in the 50’s it was said that the reason brethren were generally not involved in car accidents was that we had ‘angelic protection’....course that was before brethren became well known for drinking* and flouting the law..terrible tragedy none the less and our hearts go out to the family...

* no mention of DUI in this case

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