Religion as an excuse for murder

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Religion as an excuse for murder

Post by Simon » Sat Mar 02, 2019 6:17 pm

In March 2012 Kenneth Wayne Thompson, a member of the Church of Scientology, drove for more than a day from his home in Missouri to Arizona, where he hacked his sister-in-law and her boyfriend to death. He then poured acid over the bodies and set the house on fire before fleeing.

The reason he gave for doing this was to rescue two children in the couple’s custody and bring them back to live with him and his wife, who had helped raise them and grown close to them. One of the children was undergoing mental health treatment, which to a Scientologist risked the child's eternal soul.

The jury in Prescott, Arizona have now delivered their verdict of first-degree murder. They did not accept the religion or “rescue” of the children as a valid excuse.

Some Brethren leaders, like Scientology leaders, have also objected to professional treatment for mental health. J. T. Jr. strongly objected to people consulting a psychiatrist, and Symington expressed similar views. However, neither of these has personally committed murder, though indirectly they probably caused many deaths by suicide and possibly a few by murder.

There are many scriptures in the Old Testament that you could use as an excuse for murder, and many people calling themselves Christians have used them for that very purpose. There are nearly as many examples in the Koran, and we have seen how Islamist terrorists have used them to justify their atrocities. Even a Brethren child has been heard advocating the death penalty for homosexuals.

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