Science and God have very little to do with it. Nor does commonsense.

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Science and God have very little to do with it. Nor does commonsense.

Post by LadyKiwi » Thu Feb 28, 2019 9:47 am

Posted on behalf of Fairfield Kid who is unable to post at this time.
I have wrestled with the fact for some years now, that the PBCC and the Scientologists are involuntary bedfellows, linked in an unequal yoke together, by the fact that they are in the same Public Relations stable. The same man that makes things up to make Scientology somehow palatable also does the same chore for the Brethren. He tries to make them look ‘normal’ in the case of the Brethren and somehow sane in the case of the Xenu/ Hubbard worshippers.

I once asked the gentleman in question, which way he swung, with two religious clients- LRH or BDH. He didn’t answer because he likes the money obviously.

And this is where it gets scarier when we look at these organizations true bottom lines. They both believe in barefaced commercialism, brainwashing, punishing non-believers and leavers for life, separating families , harassment, stripping people of their wealth for the benefit of the upper echelons of the ‘church’ and suing the hell out of you if you take them on by way of exposure. They love to sue people. Both have been in more courts than you can poke a stick at with their fat cat, high priced lawyers.

Hales is flat out at the moment taking on people they have mistreated in their shady past, sending them flat broke through costly litigation exercises. He doesn’t care. He will dial up a dozen or more Peeb businesses and ask them to contribute to the cost. The ‘position’ must be maintained. I know this is what he does because it is what he did when he shut down one of our former websites. He needed hush money and he got it. The business owners were ‘honored ‘ to be asked by the great man.

Scientologists are also brainwashed people. They fill their heads with rubbish that they tell them is making them see things more clearly, they almost send them broke making them buy books and attending never-ending courses and they show them what happens if they become a ‘Suppressive Person’.

The Peebs merely refer to their non- adherents as being ‘shut-up’, withdrawn from, or in perpetual ‘darkness’. Both get their families away from these people as fast as possible. Both commandeer their children, even sending them to places within the organizations where they cannot be ‘got at’. Both harass these people to come back and be subject. The Scientologists then ‘audit’ the hell out of you, while the Brethren ‘priests’ give you hell until you are a ‘broken’ person.

I’m not finished yet. Both loathe psychiatry as it can bring logic into situations and this would be in direct conflict with their total acceptance demands and both are based on making money and lots of it. Scientology does it through property, flogging millions of books, seminars and courses among other things. The Brethren do it through property and ‘gift’ giving, which the current leader decided to ramp up by making the whole thing a bloody big business. He holds compulsory business seminars of dubious value, which he charges people exorbitant fees to attend (and heaven help you if you refuse to go) and flogs them things through his worldwide retail network selling everything from coffee to motor cars and insurance. Both distrust and resist traditional education systems.

When you mix religion and business you have a problem. For a start- which are you worshipping? The Brethren have broken every rule in their own book over the past 18 years. They try to influence elections and political parties with donations and platitudes of support- despite not being allowed to vote. They do this so they get the best shake from the (hopefully conservative) winner. They do this to appear normal in the world’s eyes. They now advertise more aggressively than many worldly businesses using mediums like You Tube. Where there are even more unsavory bedfellows. They both loathe homosexuals even though some people say Hubbard was one. They both have over active internal human surveillance systems watching for any breach of rules. They both measure friendship and closeness to their leaders as being a pecking order of importance. And their leaders both feather their own nests abundantly with the spoils.

Their religious beliefs are really immaterial. Both ‘churches’ have been overtaken by a commercial thrust that is hell-bent on making money. They detest people who have abandoned them and show no interest in them or their wellbeing at all. They both treat people as dead to them. They both think that they are the only true church. They both talk about their leader as though he was a God. And they both reward large financial contributors to the main game, i.e. the leader and his family. They both disregard abuse within their own systems as being unimportant and certainly not actionable for the victims. And they both talk a great amount of pure, adulterated bull-dust.

So when you break it all down, Scientology and the PBCC are absolutely perfect together. They are peas in a pod. Forget Xenu and God as their driving doctrinal forces. They forgot about them years ago.
(The Fairfield Kid)

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Re: Science and God have very little to do with it. Nor does commonsense.

Post by twotimothytwo » Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:11 am

They both loathe homosexuals even though some people say Hubbard was one.
Maybe that should read ' they both profess to loathe homosexuality to conceal the fact that some leaders indulge/have indulged themselves'? Not only homosexuality involving consenting adults, either.

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Re: Science and God have very little to do with it. Nor does commonsense.

Post by fisherman » Thu Feb 28, 2019 2:41 pm

Pretty much nailed it ....the only puzzle to me is how people who know fullwell what the truth is,even professed a ‘judgement’ of the ‘Commercial System’ sit silently in their seats....theirs is the greater sin than;the ordinary member ‘born *into the Assembly’ because they KNOW.

*probably one of the biggest lies perpetuated by the EB,NO ONE can be ‘born into the Assembly’ ....that status is ONLY by conviction of sin,repentance and acceptance of Christ as your saviour ,the brethren didn’t give that to you and they certainly can’t take it away...sorry about that..

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