Why I resent the Brethren and the PBCC Empire.

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Why I resent the Brethren and the PBCC Empire.

Post by LadyKiwi » Fri Feb 22, 2019 6:29 am

I have been asked to post the following by a member who is unable to access WP at the moment.

Why I resent the Brethren and the PBCC Empire.

Under the heading of - ‘What level of revulsion do you feel as the years go by’,
written by our esteemed ex-brother- The Erect Vessel (a handle I might add- he will have trouble maintaining in the coming years,) he asks :

“Do other ex's as the years go by, feel angrier or more reviled or sad or what feeling do you have today, as opposed to when you left (as I did), or were booted out for some misdemeanor such as looking at the head honcho the wrong way etc..??”

It’s a good question. Going from a state of being recently ‘withdrawn from’ to becoming a ‘normal’ person is not an easy road. It takes a lot of time. In that time a few things become apparent. In my case it took many years.

It helps your anger and revulsion levels if you are thrown out for something that was not fair or even honest. I once asked an older brother about this - a man who was a total believer in the Brethren – a subject man who never did a single thing wrong. He accepted the elect vessels and their words and was as compliant a man as it was possible to be.

Then one day, a brother whom I knew personally, a man who had built his life on being a snitch – a seeker of opportunity to have a go at people ‘in the assembly’, thought he saw this man sitting on a beach 120 kilometers from his home, with his family. He hadn’t in fact seen him at all, but rather someone who may have resembled him.

But that didn’t stop him from rushing to the nearest Ministry Meeting and withdrawing from him and his entire family. The fact that he was over 300 metres away from these people and traveling past at 60 kilometres per hour was never taken into account. The Brethren took his word as gospel and the family was thrown out. There was no right of reply. The devastating effect of this was naturally overwhelming to this family but they accepted the assembly judgment and got on with their lives. They found a new place to worship where people didn’t just make things up and discovered what real Christianity meant.

He figured that if the Brethren could throw them out like that, for something they did not do (they had in fact never been to the beach in question –even decades after the alleged sighting) – the Brethren were therefore comprehensively wrong and unfair in their dealings. They could not by conjecture, be right as a religion or as people. So they reconciled this rather quickly and worked out what was right and what was wrong.

If you are a full blown pedophile for example, and there were many, you would probably accept your fate as being inevitable. But if you were thrown out for becoming somewhat jaded in your Brethren interface as many did, or left because they forced you to the outer for not being fully ‘active’ or because you wanted to find a real career because your daddy did not own a successful Brethren business, you were in some sort of mental void, which in my case took some years to come to grips with.

I was very respectful of the Brethren and their wishes and did not actively say a word against them for years. Not until I saw what they did to my ex-mates with children. Then I got angry. One thing that distressed me, was old mates whom I grew up with who simply moved on. They wanted nothing to do with other ex’s – they wanted out of the whole thing and anyone connected to it. So you suddenly found yourself pretty much - mate-less. Kids in the ‘world’ grow up with other kids and become lifelong friends. But we had no such people - having been forced to separate ourselves from ‘evil’ worldly children and their ‘evil’ families at school. So we pretty much started out in our new lives with nobody. (Forums like this have reversed this somewhat – but they did not exist until I had been out for over 20 years.) We were alone.

Add to this the multiple pressures of appearing ‘normal’ despite missing out on much of what the world took for granted. We did not realize how closeted we had actually been. Plus the biggie, we had no families. So Christmases would roll around and we were always alone. At no time does an ex-Peeb feel more alone that at Christmas time. It’s not the religious stuff, but the fact that everyone around you has a family and you don’t anymore. That’s when you start resenting what the Peebs have done to you. And analyzing their motives and actions.

Then you get to thinking about what has happened to you as you get older and wiser and you see the evil of this so-called church. The cruelty they meter out on others. And the hypocrisy of their actions.

Anyone who has sat on a beach smoking a furtive cigarette and gazing at pretty girls with Bruce Hales as a teenager, feels somewhat cheated by their treatment by this group and extremely resentful of a person who purports to be a pure man who not only sits in judgment of you but would sue you in a heartbeat! Talk about adding injury to insult.

Now as a middle aged man, I grieve daily that I never knew my parents. I was gone at 18. I never got to know my elder siblings. And now they are dead. So I’ve missed out on a normal natural entitlement. They stole our birthrights. All because this mob decided that that was how it was going to be. So I don’t hate them – I don’t really hate anybody, but I resent them for what they do to people. In the name of Christianity.

Funnily enough they apologised somewhat half –heartedly for their mistake in 2003 admitting that they were wrong in my case and hundreds of others. But that only made me madder because the opportunity had passed for me to see my family again. They had robbed me and thousands of others over time, of so much. To cap it off my struggle to find work, live, make sense of it all and forge a path in life was made harder by the fact that I was alone in this world with no financial or parental assistance whatsoever.

I don’t forgive them for that. I wasn’t evil. I hadn’t done anything wrong. I was, like so many young Brethren, just a kid at the time. And they could not have cared less. That makes them irresponsible, cruel and even wicked in the scheme of things. I resent them for that. They took my family and much of my opportunity in life. They will never be right as a result.
The Fairfield Kid

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