Alcoholism in the Brethren

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The Erect Vessel
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Alcoholism in the Brethren

Post by The Erect Vessel » Tue Feb 12, 2019 6:11 am

Amazing how ex brethren take a little while to realise that the ridiculous dependence on booze in the brethren is not normal in society. I know it took me a while to adjust, and I reckon if I had stayed in the cult I may well have ended up dead or at least in bad health with the way it was and I believe still is.
I don't know statistically what the numbers are in the global context, but in the meeting I was in, and the interchange meeting we ran backwards and forwards to, midweek and Sundays, there were 7 alcoholics, and many more who drank more than what was good for them (including me).

Now, I wonder why I did it, but I supposed it was to numb the reality and pain from the BS I put up with every night and of course weekends was even worse...

You wonder where it will all end up.., but some of these alcys are now dead or dying.

They had strong examples to follow from JT,JTJr, JHS, not so sure about JSH - I think he had seen too much with his own family and the effects of the demon drink, and I think he tried to put the brakes on it a bit, but the current Moggie he has the brethies all wound up into serving the most expensive wines +++

Plain barking mad, and in the words of the blessed Pigster - it simply spells disaster.

I lost everything when I left, but it was worth it, but the one thing they were unable to steal from me was my sense of humor.

One piece of advice I'd give you poor peeblets locked up in this cult. Get out of it whatever it takes, because it is worth it.

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Re: Alcoholism in the Brethren

Post by fisherman » Tue Feb 12, 2019 4:32 pm

Couldn’t agree with you more,’strong drink’ is brethren’s dirty little secret-the skeleton in the closet ...even out of the EB cult,many ex members still struggle with long term alcoholism.We buried a good friend of my wife’s last year,who died in her mid 60s already a broken down old woman in a walker as the direct result of long term excessive alcohol,in and out of rehab and hospital -nothing worked she told us she had her first drink at age 13...when a guest at ‘Our Beloved’( no,he WASN’T a ‘pure man’ despite BDHs pathetic protestations otherwise ...’pure men’ don’t supply underage girls,or anybody underage kids for that matter with liquor...sorry about that) Alcoholism is a disease and affects many people in diferent ways,some people can walk away from it and never touch the stuff again,but that seems more the exception than the rule. I wonder how many EB children are born with Fetal Alcohol Effect?( perminant brain damage,untreatable,the direct result of drinking during pregnancy) The reality is,when people left the brethren, many of them brought their alcoholism with them and it continues to be a challenge long after they left.Beloved JTsr with his ‘creature of God’ excuse for drinking whisky left a terrible legacy that plagues the brethren both in and out,to this day.NOBODY is bigger than a bottle...( no,I’m not tee total, I have my ONE glass of wine every night with dinner,but if people can’t stop at one,then best leave it alone,the stakes are just too high to gamble with your health )

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