God changes His mind...

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God changes His mind...

Post by fisherman » Tue Jun 12, 2018 1:26 pm

Yessir ,God changes His mind .s'truth ...and what's more-He appearently tells the 'Divinely Appointed Minister of the Recovery ' exactly what he's thinking (this week) and what the rules are( this week) ..see,friend of mine was allowed to see an EB relative he hadn't seen in nearly 50 years when he left home in the late 60's and noticed a radio sitting on the table( now this would have earned you a ticket out the door IMMEDIATELY back in the day) anyway, when the sight of a radio displayed quite openly,with no attempt to 'explain' why the saints were now quite free to have such an 'evil' device (no wires, see,the devil is the prince and power over the air) he was somewhat puzzled and when asking was told 'well, God changes His mind ,you know'....

So what's the odds that down the road a few years,and anyone asking about the 100 year old ban on radios and they will look at you quite blandly and deny they ever had such a rule as 'just another myth surrounding the brethren'(like Daniel Hales said about the well know ban on garage door openers,made a proper fool of himself on public television, but not to worry,he said the saints won't hear about it cause they don't have radio or a TV,nope,you won't find one in the saints home,....yup,'God changed His mind'....the brethren said so...oh, and don't bother asking about the kid whose dad found a tiny radio stashed under the bed, or the poor chap who was 'named as evil' for 'inviting the world into his home' and withdrawn from as a 'wicked person,unfit for Christian fellowship' see,they went ahead of the Lord....quite amazing,isn't it?...but don't try explaining this to anybody who hasn't been in a cult -they look at you funny...

Ian McKay
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Re: God changes His mind...

Post by Ian McKay » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:25 pm

In the Old Testament there are at least ten places where it says God changed his mind about something. The Old Testament authors didn’t seem to credit God with much foresight or much consistency. You get the same among the EB, some of whom also think God uses physical violence, cripples people or kills them just to teach people a lesson or even just to demonstrate his power. A bit like Kim Jong-Un or Bashir Assad. But in the New Testament God is all loving, all good and all knowing.

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