NSW, Victoria sign up to child abuse redress scheme. But will the PBCC?

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NSW, Victoria sign up to child abuse redress scheme. But will the PBCC?

Post by abishag » Thu May 31, 2018 7:40 am

There is about to be a major change of heart from Federal and State governments in Australia regarding children who were molested while in the care of institutions - including churches.

The Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, the Salvation Army, the Baptist Church and others are being asked to opt-in to the scheme so that victims can be helped with counseling and financial payments rather than having to seek redress through the courts with those institutions.

The PBCC are not on that list - but they should be as there are a number of cases that have never been properly addressed to this end. Neither has this church acknowledged any wrong-doing or expressed any public remorse for not assisting victims in its care for what happened to them. Their stance has always been, if the perpetrator is known, that the victim should pursue that individual through the courts and leave the Brethren out of it. It was not the church's fault.

My issue with this is that the church, even when it knew about these things, did nothing at all for the victims by way of support or counseling or assistance. They tried to hush such things up, treated the kids appallingly in that they blamed them for this wickedness, as being compliant with what happened to them and left it at that. Some were punished.

The McCorkell New Zealand saga is well documented but is an indication that the PBCC have never taken these issues seriously, nor have they offered counseling or compensation to the victims of their own free will.

The Sydney Morning Herald says in part- today:

“Redress isn’t compensation. The process is about healing and moving forward while accepting the system failed every single person in Australia who suffered sexual abuse in an institution that was meant to protect them,” Mr Turnbull says in a joint statement with Mr Andrews and Ms Berejiklian.

The chief executive of the Catholic Church’s Truth Justice and Healing Council, Francis Sullivan, has urged the states to sign up and noted that Catholic leaders are on the record saying they will join the national scheme.
The redress scheme is meant to operate as a “low documentation” program with lower barriers for victims so they can receive counseling services and other help, to be funded by the institution or state that is responsible.
The institution responsible would contribute."

Personally I believe that the Brethren will only get involved in righting their wrongs, when the government holds a gun to their heads or threatens to withhold their many Taxpayer funded perks until they do. Time will tell. The PBCC needs to hang its head in shame for the way it has treated many child molestation victims in its midst -with the over-riding action being to 'protect the position' but not the kids who suffered. Put simply, they don't care and never did.

And they won't until someone forces them to. Maybe the people who really promote Christianity can show them the way. But I wouldn't hold my breath. A figure of $150,000 for each victim has been mentioned in this article today.

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Re: NSW, Victoria sign up to child abuse redress scheme. But will the PBCC?

Post by fisherman » Thu May 31, 2018 8:34 pm

The record is pretty dismal, the major denominations( Roman Catholic and Anglican) did everything possible to avoid being held accountable, but give credit where credit is due, albeit at the court door did admit responsability and set up independent commissions to receive and evaluate claims of abuse...the EB have a long way to go, admitting 'such things ' were 'named amongst us' is like pulling teeth..I expect a lot of grandstanding ....

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Re: NSW, Victoria sign up to child abuse redress scheme. But will the PBCC?

Post by Balaam's Ass » Fri Jun 01, 2018 3:59 am


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