Australian archbishop found guilty...

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Australian archbishop found guilty...

Post by fisherman » Wed May 23, 2018 2:33 pm

Of coverup of child sex, not the purpetrator, but the church officials that knew about it .Evidence was that the church failed to give details of a serious crime to the police.Were they 'protecting the position'? Make no mistake,this is huge and my guess is that legal opinions are being sought by the EB as we speak..

Sexual abuse in the EB was just one of those things we didn't even admit could happen 'amongst us'...but it did,as now the question is-what did the brethren do about it? ..clearly the authorities don't agree that the 'assembly' is the 'highest court in the land'.Given the brethrens penchant for what appears to be 'passing the buck'onto 'local administration' my guess is someone is going to be thrown under the bus if it starts to get uncomfortably close to the Hierarchy

While Bruce was making his'we share the communities revulsion and will work with the authorities' statement( looks like damage control rather than stated church protocol) 'what you do speaks so loud I can't hear what you are saying'...has there been any example of the brethren actually doing this -'working with the authorities'? Tangible evidence of 'working with the authorities' would be setting up an independant commission to invite and evaluate allegations,not just making nice statements after sex abuse cases hit the newspapers...

The implications of such a conviction against the church for a coverup of sexual abuse is that it opens the door for civil action against the church fof their complicity....class action lawsuits

What is so significant about this groundbreaking test case is it WASN'T the purpetrator that was found guilty, but the CHURCH officials that kept Hopefully they will turn their spotlight on the EB ......the allegations are that the brethren have been doing the same thing for a long time -'protecting the position'

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