The big lie...will it ever come out?

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The big lie...will it ever come out?

Post by fisherman » Tue May 08, 2018 8:36 pm

Many of us remember the onset of JTJrs 'eating ministry' in 1960 and the demand for 'separation ' which initiated the era of broken homes, divorces ,lawsuits and custody battles. Many brethren left at that time refusing to set a sepate table for children aged 12 and over but not breaking bread, but some of us believed it , conned into thinking we were being 'faithful' despite misgivings ,often when good people were withdrawn from,named as 'evil persons' ,some for merely quoting scriptures which knocked the props out from under the 'authoritative ministry ' ( ie: if you be invited to the house of the unbeliever,and you be minded to go,eat all that us set before you' )

By 1970, the wheels came off and JTjr himself was caught in bed with Madeline Kerr, which caused great consternation in the ranks as they desperately tried to deny,then supress and finally bull their way through, demanding 100% loyalty to 'Our Beloved' which became the test of fellowship..after initially denying anything happened at all, the official explanation was that it was an 'ambush' -a 'one time event' to 'expose the evil' and 'our brother was a 'pure man '

BDH continued with this line of intimidation insisting that 'if you questioned our Beloved's 'purity' you may as well question your souls salvation' but there are still people alive today about JT jr who know the truth of what actually happened,even if most of the brethren don't,or were afraid to speak up for fear of the harsh reprisals meted out to anybody who dared to demand answers. His drunkeness was the worst kept secret in the EB, but still people chose to look the other way.

However, nearly 5o years later, anecdotal accounts of his illicit affair with madeline Kerr still come out, specifically that it was NOT a 'one time event',that the brethrens official explanation insist ,but that JTjr had previous liaisons with Madeline Kerr, in her own locality, and even after Aberdeen, there are credible accounts that Madeline Kerr visited JTjr in his own home in New York, much to the distress of his wife Renee, who allegedly contacted Billie Peterson (JT jrs nephew,who had supressed much of JTJrs foibles, but this was going too far, and he blew the whistle and defected-probably the closest the brethren came to "losing it' ) So much for the 'one time event'! How long this affair had been going on,no one knows...

But here we are ,nearly 5o years later and the carefuly woven web of EB of lies and deceit that the whole Eb system is built upon seems to be coming unravelled..eventually,the truth comes out...I still wonder when the other shoe will drop and the 'great house ' built upon the sand' collapses.... Not that it matters much, for all practical intents and purposes the EB are hardly even recogniseable as a faith based Christian church anymore as the once denounced and judged as 'evil' ' Commercial System ' has risen Phoenix like from the ashes and now is full blown apostasy,it far more resembles a cult....and you certainly wouldn't recognise the Christ of the gospels there,especialy as scandal after scandal rocks the 'Church' as the Lords name has been dragged into disrepute.One of the more tragic aftermaths is many good people who were thrown out still continue to be influenced by them, unable to go back but unable move on and find Christian fellowship elsewhere in real churches,stuck in 'no man's land' ...

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