Some words of wisdom and folly from these great men

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Some words of wisdom and folly from these great men

Post by Simon » Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:26 am

Get an explanation of history from God. Don't get it from the scientific men, the scientifical men will leave you in doubt . . . . JSH Vol. 14 page 311

It's an appalling thing to think that somebody here today would be disagreeing with me. I can't understand people greeting you, looking in the face and smiling at you, and then going away and disagreeing with you. . . JSH Vol. 12 page 180

Well, if you don't agree with a brother, you ought to be able to tell him straight out, face to face, in front of all the brethren. Otherwise you're not a man, that's all. . . JSH Vol. 10 page 300

unchallengeable, apostolic authority, given direct from Christ; principle continues . . . BDH Vol. 25 page 82

we went up to Scotland again, and the thing just grips you. I don't think I'm morally qualified to say anything that the brethren wouldn't know, but it just . . . A hundred and fifty brethren there, and four years ago there were three thousand. . JSH Vol. 25 page 297

Australians know less about nothing, they know less than nothing about nothing. And the more degrees they've got, the less they know about nothing. JSH Vol. 25 page 154

No country's strong which is congregated in two big cities, it's foolish. And then Sydney and Melbourne can't get on together, either. That's the cause of the present trouble. Melbourne people hate Sydney people, that's all. I'm not talking about the brethren. J.T. spoke about it, in Sydney, the last time he was there. . . . . JSH Vol. 24 page 142

there were two hundred meetings in France, when J.N.D. labored there. And in Switzerland a tremendous number of brethren, he gave his life for it. And when our beloved came along he wanted to preserve that meeting in Zurich, because of J.N.D.'s labours in Switzerland . . JSH Vol 21 page 257

How very true this one is:
what's marked us, many of us, in our lives, is a certain duplicity, a certain form of words that gets around the issue You'll tell the truth to hide the truth; that's a lie. . . . . JSH Vol. 18 page199

And this one:
The best informed people are out of fellowship. The best read, the best informed people are out of fellowship. JSH Vol. 29 page 203

If we put persons out of fellowship it's because they're wicked. We don't put anybody out of fellowship otherwise. . . JSH Vol. 4 page 376
So now you know. You’re wicked, all of you.

if you don't understand it, don't oppose it; just accept the truth BDH Vol. 53 page 7

we'll do the thinking, you do the doing . . . . . . . . . BDH Vol. 41 page 79

very, very hard to eradicate independent thinking . . . BDH Vol. 47 page 175

l'm always wrong; best thing is to be your own prosecutor. . . BDH Vol. 31 page 115

as brought up in the light of the assembly; you don't get salvation apart from the collective position. BDH Vol. 34 page 93

SClENTISTS—of climate
don't centre your plans round; built up on assumptions BDH Vol. 73 page 104
don't listen to it, just scientists; we go by what God said to Noah ……… BDH Vol. 80 page 90

if you have ever fallen into trouble, you can trace it right back to the serpent BDH Vol. 36 page 134

our calling is to belong to the secret service in the fellowship. BDH Vol. 56 page 136

restatement of chapter 2 should really come into every meeting . . BDH Vol. 62 page 5

people moving around, pleasing themselves; where’s the element of control? BDH Vol. 32 page 246
none of us should go away unless we’re sent . . BDH Vol. 87 page 355
young people; got to submit to authority; respect rule and regulation BDH Vol. 19 page 83

In 1970 Brisbane were a bit anti-Sydney; they actually wanted to put Sydney out of fellowship; BDH Vol. 32 page 193

they're trying to attack the fact that these meeting-rooms of ours are not places of public worship; it's ridiculous. . BDH Vol. 45 page 91

The apostasy is marked by the setting aside of God's word and of His truth. The clear word of God is being nullified So that the refusal of capital punishment is a mark of it. . . JSH Vol. 15 page 173

Ian McKay
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Re: Some words of wisdom and folly from these great men

Post by Ian McKay » Sun Mar 31, 2013 3:02 pm

Well, there we have the basis of an exclusively Exclusive educational policy. If you want an explanation of history, get it from God: certainly not from scientists and probably not from a worldly history teacher either. If you want to understand global warming, don’t go by what scientists say: go by what God said to Noah. If you want guidance on the use of capital punishment, get it from the Bible.

Oh, well, I suppose that means we should stone adulterers to death, unless they are MoGs of course. And children who curse their parents should be put to death too.

It is worrying to think of schools being under the control of people who give any credence to the kind of ministry that Simon has quoted. Anyone who takes these pronouncements seriously is just not fit to be in control of a school.

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Re: Some words of wisdom and folly from these great men

Post by Nottachurch » Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:38 am

I agree Ian, and I'm utterly horrified to think an HEB man practising sexual abuse of children might think it's best, courtesy BDH vol.31 pg.115, to "be his own prosecutor".

One only needs a small insight into the modus operandi of a child sex abuser to know that such people take hold of advice like this 'gem' of BDH's, and use it to quench any normal human guilt feelings they may have. BDH is giving his followers who may be abusers, a gift here... whether he realises it or not.

If I was an HEB child who was being sexually abused, and I sat in a mtg hearing BDH say this, my heart would sink to my very boots. There's just NO WAY OUT for abused kids in there, what with 1Tim5:19 being staple EB diet: "Against an elder receive not an accusation unless where there are two or three witnesses." (Darby translation)

Children are trapped in a cult not of their choosing, and their families are trapped too.

These are just some of the reasons why I oppose the set-up of your group, Mr Hales. And I will go on opposing it until my dying day, or until you and your cult members make the MANY many changes that are necessary to turn your branch of the Plymouth Exclusive Brethren into a Christian church from a man-worshipping cult.

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Re: Some words of wisdom and folly from these great men

Post by twotimothytwo » Wed Sep 19, 2018 3:10 pm

I've spoken about this Jew I used to know, he was a godless Jew that I used to do business with. Boy oh boy, what a Jew! And I remember seeing him one time I was there, and he was negotiating with a supplier, and he was, as we say, he was jewing him down, I felt so sorry for this salesman. I just stood back about twenty feet away and watched it, and I thought, Old Jew boy, there's one bloke you won't be giving that treatment to, and that's me. If there's going to be any jewing down, that will be me jewing you down.
BDH Volume 110 Page 270
We all know we worked better after we were converted, we worked like we were niggers.
BDH Volume 108 Page 54

The Erect Vessel
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Re: Some words of wisdom and folly from these great men

Post by The Erect Vessel » Thu Sep 20, 2018 4:55 am

Using the 'n' word! Oh my!! He is just so out of touch with the real world as to what is pc and what is most definitely not!

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