Eva Maude Snowball Hales - Nov 1965 - Suicide

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Eva Maude Snowball Hales - Nov 1965 - Suicide

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A middle aged woman, said to have been distressed over her exclusion from the Exclusive order of Brethren, was found gassed last night

She was Miss Eva Maude Snowball Hales, 53, of Cliff Rd, Epping.

Her brother, Mr. Stephen Hales, found her lying on the floor of the kitchen of her home about 8pm.

All jets on a stove were turned on and she is believed to have been dead about 24 hours.

A neighbor said today Miss Hales had been very distressed when her sister Rhina left home to join the Brethren.

She was completely devoted to Rhina, he said.

The neighbor said the Hales sisters and their mother had moved into the house in Cliff Ave about 14 years ago.

After the Mother died the sister lived there together until Rhina left.

It broke Eva Hales’ heart when the Brethren forced her sister to leave home the neighbor said.

Eva wanted to become a member of the Exclusive Order of Brethren, but they would not admit her. She was a member of a section of the Brethren but was not a member of the Exclusive Order.

Miss Hales, who often visited us, said she did not believe some of the edicts of the order and this excluded her.

Miss Hales became very ill about six months ago and was admitted to hospital. While she was away Rhina went to live with members of the Brethren. Eva retuned home about five weeks ago, but Rhina told her the Brethren would not permit her to return to live with her.

One of Miss Hales’ nephews, Mr. Bruce Hales, Australian leader of the sect for six years, was deposed in October.

He is married to the daughter of Mr. Jim Taylor, the world leader. His brother, Mr. John Hales, who is overseas, is also reported to have been excommunicated.

The new leader is Mr. John Patton, of Roseville, who was leader of the order before Mr. Bruce Hales’ supporters gained control.
Firstly is that of an aunt I beleive of John & Bruce (WB) Hales in the late 1950's or early 60's. I was told by someone who was close to the circumstances that John & Bruce deliberately drove this woman to kill herself. The person who told me this story is still in the EBs and passed on this information whilst both men were 'under assembly discipline'.

Evidently, the woman, a relative of John & Bruce, was considered to be a very difficult person who repeatedly challanged both men. According to the witness, they made life so hard for her (a single woman) and manipulated her with threats and insinuations, that she eventually took her own life. I can never forget, not so much the details of the story but the conviction that the person who told me about this and the clarity of judgement they had that both John & Bruce Hales were directly responsible. (Unfortunately I cannot remember the victims name).
I have a copy of the newspaper article. It does not have a date but it seems that it would have been within months of the System crash.
Regarding Eva Maude Snowball Hales, I have found her listed in the NSW BDM registers as having died at Balmain, Sydney, in 1965. Her parents were William Henry and Jessie Louise Hales.
This information confirms all details that were missing - thank you.

Do the names mentioned in the Death Registration signify anything? There are a couple of non-standard items of information:



Finally, if anyone can locate the Coroners Report, (Feb 11, 1966 - N.C. Gardner) this would be of interest.
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