Sitting on a beast.

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Balaam's Ass
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Sitting on a beast.

Post by Balaam's Ass » Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:57 am

I just happened to pick up a white book that my cat knocked down from on top of a cupboard. I picked it up and it opened at this passage. Clearly the Lord was speaking to me.

BDH "I remember [Mr Symington] speaking about that verse in Endbach, and he spoke about looking, persons looking out the window, something like this, the car window, and looking at the girls on the sidewalk, and he referred to the beast that he sat on, that he was in control of his own beast."

From what I hear, I don't believe he was. WTF!! I'm sure there's something in that for all of us (I just don't know what it is).

Copyright claimed by Bible and Gospel Trust, April 15, 2005. Reproduced here for research purposes.

The Erect Vessel
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Re: Sitting on a beast.

Post by The Erect Vessel » Fri Sep 15, 2017 2:41 am

In the words of the Rolling Stones. I'll never be your beast of burden... Perhaps there is a Him in that brother Balaam's Ass? Can I pass along the mic... now do I pass it over the top of this brother next to me's gut or under it?

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Re: Sitting on a beast.

Post by PosterChild » Fri Sep 15, 2017 5:29 am

A better solution for JHS might have been to introduce legislation banning girls from using sidewalks. But really his understanding is obviously mistaken and incomplete. It doesn't say you shall not covet your neighbours daughters, but rather his wife or his ass. In light of this enlarged understanding it turns out the girls cans use the sidewalks, but not the moggies neighbours and their husbands.

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