Most bizarre reason for being withdrawn from...

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Most bizarre reason for being withdrawn from...

Post by fisherman » Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:06 pm

Notwithstanding the brethrens claim that they only judge evil that 'even the man on the street would see as evil' some of the reasons good people have been named as evil persons, thrown out and their lives ripped apart defy any common sense at all,in fact,no one would believe it,least of all the proverbial 'man on the street'

One comes to mind, a decent farmer, good neighbour and looking out for others decided at his own expense to instal a water line up a hill to water a pasture,and having an abundance of water,shared it with his neighbours ....did the brethren see that as 'doing good to all men'?...Not so!.. He was hauled up on the carpet ,named as an 'evil person' for an 'involvement' ...yup,s'truth...course later on he was graciously recieved back 'in fellowship',thoroughly chastised and grateful for some low place within the door kow towing to 'Mr Bruce'

Others were thrown out,not for actually DOING something,but THINKING about doing getting a computor to help with their bookkeeping ...another man came home one day to find his wife gone and the house stripped simply because he used a radio communication for flying his plane( nobody would actually believe this stuff if they weren't in the EB ) ...'But ' Evil that 'even the man on the street would judge as evil'? These are just a couple that come to mind.But in actual fact,the brethren didn't even need to establish a charge against someone to get rid of them, mere suspicion was good enough. Politics and one upmanship rule,not 'Matthew 18' .... Raise any of these cases today and the brethren will look you right in the eye and say 'the Lord has moved on'and get on with making money and their ostentatious display of wealth with not a thought to the carnage of broken lives in their wake ...oh,and one other thing,if they get pinned down and in a corner with no wiggle room then it's blamed on 'faulty local administration'

Scripture refers to the Rightous Judge' and it says of Jesus as 'having compassion'...the brethren have no compassion, and if it doesn't effect them personally, they turn a blind eye to blatant injustice as they pursue their meaningless frenetic lives like gerbils in a cage running on an exercise wheel in the 'great house built upon the sand'

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