Religious Affiliations in the UK

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Ian McKay
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Religious Affiliations in the UK

Post by Ian McKay » Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:32 pm

Here are some of the findings of the latest annual snapshot by the National [UK] Centre for Social Research, as published in today’s issue of The Economist.
Age Distribution.jpg
The feature that surprises me most is the different age distributions. The Church of England, Other Christian denominations and Other Religions have three very different age distributions. The No Religion group is different again, but that is not so much of a surprise.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that there are also big differences between Hales Brethren and other Brethren groups. Most Brethren groups have a top-heavy age distribution, whereas the Hales fellowship seem to be much younger, perhaps because they have larger families or perhaps because they make it difficult for young members to escape, or perhaps partly because fewer of them live to a ripe old age. It would be difficult to ascertain the reasons, because Exclusive Brethren would probably not cooperate with any independent demographic studies.

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