Mad Men and Fickle Brutality.

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Mad Men and Fickle Brutality.

Post by abishag » Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:22 am

I was most interested to read some of the recollections of Roger Stott and the ridiculous positions that people put themselves in, all because they say they are the only ones doing the right thing. It was ever thus. Men thinking they are very important. Which becomes a counterfeit cocktail of foolishness when you mix religion into the jumble as well.

Mad men have always existed. From Hitler to Trump. From the Jong Ill's to the Magabes. From James Taylor Junior to Symington. Trouble is, these buggers are always cruel with it. Their collateral damage ensures that people are severely disadvantaged or die.

But the Brethren, be they Exclusive or the now rebranded PBCC, are also nuts. And the people that leave them can go nuts as well. Take the Frosts and the Rentons. Breakaway groups who took issue with the schisms of Exclusive Brethrenism, but now won't have anything to do with each other because they feel they are the only right ones. So the three breakaway mobs, OB's, Rentons and Frosts - (and there are even more) once all brothers and sisters, now all hate each other after taking issue with wrong in the first place. Crazy!

The Open Brethren whom the Exclusive mob call 'the dirtiest ditch in Christendom' are in a good place to sling mud from. They are all mad because they have forgotten what they are supposed to be doing in the first place. Just upholding the bible and being good Christians.

The clarity you gain from stepping aside from this group (read here- being kicked out) is remarkable. Suddenly the scales fall from your eyes. You can see the craziness of this so-called religion in all of its fickle brutality. They are not alone. Crazy people either get worse - or better in this circumstance. For example, only when a Scientologist leaves their even crazier 'church' do they suddenly think- 'What the hell was I thinking?' Aliens being dropped into volcanos by B52 bombers and atomic bombs reinhabiting the galaxy! Stop it!'

Soft footing around the world's crazies is nothing new. It would be a bit like working for Trump. One day you are there- the next you are not. What did you do wrong? Who knows? Same with the Brethren. Ask a slightly pointed question and you are suddenly on the footpath looking in from outside. You go from 'brother' to 'devil' in a heartbeat.

Sadly, it is the last four Brethren leaders who have been the worst perpetrators, all introducing levels of craziness to the church they had grabbed the reins of. JT Senior was apparently a nice, respectful, decent man. He died before I was born so I have no first-hand experience of the man. But his son, who took a fair while to make his position of leader absolute, was entirely another kettle of fish. In the end he bordered on insane. And people still defend him?

There are conflicting reports now on just how many Brethren were actually kicked out in1959/60, but it was somewhere between 10,000 and 16,000. Add to this the exodus of 'saints' in 1970 of 8000- 9000 souls and Taylor Junior was responsible for losing what is almost half of their total number today. Imagine that!

And no one - not one among them will stand up and say - hang on - there is something seriously remiss with all this. How could half of us be wrong? They let Taylor bumble and swear through the rest of his womanizing, booze-ridden life and testimony until his liver gave out at 70. And today, they bristle at any suggestion that he did anything wrong at all. But for those that did oppose what he did, they slung out on their ear. The Brethren can go from love to hate in a millisecond.

Symington was a victim of his own insecurities and prejudices. Having gotten rid of any of his imagined adversaries, he stuffed them around even more. He made them leave their comfortable homes and settle for lives of mediocrity in ghastly new down-market suburbs. He 'dumbed' them down too making sure that no future generation would be smarter than him. Banning education and worldly employment was a cruel thing to do to the Brethren. But no one uttered a syllable of dissent, again. They sat there and took it. Now that IS dumb! Meanwhile, farmer Jim is doubling his land holding and raking in the dough. Ah yes they say - but he was the Man of God. He may have acted like God - but he was selfish and self obsessed and cruel.

Hales Senior I have no knowledge of in his sovereign reign as leader, but I knew him in his previous 1960's prominence. But his grab for power was something that everyone should have seen coming. His old adversary Symington was gone - a man who kicked him out twice, but there was no way John Hales was going to let this opportunity go by. This was revenge and reprisal on an almost supreme level. One minute a feather duster, and next the head rooster. The Hales will tell you today that Symington was wrong twice for dealing with their man that way. But they do not repudiate his ministry. They do not call him 'wrong'. Right and wrong have now become so confused in the PBCC that truth is almost unrecognisable.

What can I say about Bruce that has not already been said before. This man takes the cake. He reintroduces everything that people have had their lives wrecked over and thinks that is perfectly fine. Forget credibility. Forget justice. Forget plain decency. He turns the whole shooting match into a bloody big business, takes anyone to court he feels like harassing, insults generations of people who have been dealt with wrongly by this so-called church and like Symington, lives the life of 'Riley'.

It's madness! It has very little to do with Christianity or being a good testimony. It is devoid of forgiveness, the cornerstone of the Christian message and it is devoid of sanity as well. Hales knows he is wrong about many things. He knows people were treated dreadfully. He knows that many have suffered immeasurably as a result.

Where most Christians have compassion and a desire to put things right, Hales does not. He simply does not care. He's OK. He's rich. He's top dog. And his, or his predecessor's mistakes are of no consequence. It's all water under the bridge to him.

Here's an idea for an organisation calling itself a church. Why doesn't Hales do the right thing by people. Before the sins of this mob are completely lost to time and living memories.

There are thousands of people who have been treated very wickedly by this church. People suffer every day as a result. How can you hand out sandwiches to fire-fighters, while patting yourselves on the back for being a wonderful 'charity' with one hand, while perpetuating a cruel, unjustified regime of hate and wrongdoing with the other. How can you sit by and watch so many people suffer at your hands?

The EB/PBCC don't care about people. They never did. There's no love lost. And no love for the lost. And like North Koreans and Nazis and even Trump supporters they sit mute, more worried more about 'their man' than for the cruel injustices of the vicarious group they uphold to be the only 'true church'.

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Re: Mad Men and Fickle Brutality.

Post by fisherman » Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:29 am

There will always be mad men,and people who follow them ,history proves that.The big diference is local autonomy at least contains the damage ,the EB have no such firewalls and no protocols to deal with a leader who runs amok.The EB are the 'perfect storm'.I blame the system that allowed it as much as the man who purpetrated the travesties.

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Re: Mad Men and Fickle Brutality.

Post by Peter W Harrison » Wed Dec 13, 2017 5:14 am

The strength of the Position rests on the Elect Vessel’s power to propagate a lie which is so monstrous that it requires their followers to dumb down their own conscience. Once they swallow they are hooked. Any attempt to reach the conscience is thwarted. The EV becomes their de-facto god - benevolent, intriguing, cunning, smart, ruthless.

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Re: Mad Men and Fickle Brutality.

Post by fisherman » Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:30 pm

History shows the slavish loyalty to these so called 'leaders' is rarely reciprocated.Scripture makes the point that the false shepherds serve for hire( 'gifts') and will cut and run,leaving the flock to fend for itself.Painful though that be,it's probably the best thing that could ever happen to them...deprograming is like learning to walk all over again but they might be forced to use the brain God gave them and learn think for themselves....

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Re: Mad Men and Fickle Brutality.

Post by Humbled » Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:25 am

Over the last year few contributors have had many good things to say about the American President Donald Trump. Our friend classes him as crazy.

I think it is a mistake to judge this man so early in his Presidency. He Is up against the so called liberals who are so sure of their rightness have become illiberal.

I read this week that he had achieved by his dogged determination a huge victory in taxation legislation. It appears that he is trying to attract inward investment by reducing taxes thereby slowing or reversing the loss of jobs to other parts of the world. If this works it seems to me that we can all benefit by the beginning of a new era of lower taxation;. The liberals won’t like it as big government and high taxation is part of their theology.

As a man I don’t find Trump attractive although I prefer him to Obama and the Clintons. I wish him well. I don’t know if he is crazy. Time will tell.

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