The Brethren - a Dysfunctional House of Cards based on Hate.

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The Brethren - a Dysfunctional House of Cards based on Hate.

Post by abishag » Fri May 19, 2017 3:11 am

I shudder today when I think of the thousands of hours I spent sitting on hard, cheap, thin, vinyl or metal seats, in cold draughty halls, listening to a group of men trying to out-drivel each other on who was doctrinally smarter or more cunning. Or more important. The loss of a serious chunk of my life. And for what? At the end of the day they threw me out for not being utterly compliant, almost on the very day I became an adult. Or broken as Hales calls it.

I was broken Mister Hales. I'd finally had enough. In the end, I was 'broken' by a vindictive nasty old brother who had gunned for me and others for years, and for some strange reason really wanted to hurt my family. So it really was nothing to do with me. No actual sinning had occurred. Certainly nothing that would warrant the eviction of a teenager into what they regarded as the great outer darkness that they constantly live in fear of. The dreaded 'world'. Which they are not part of. Or are they?

At the end of the day - they were really a bunch of power-seeking, self promoters who love pushing people around. At the end of the day they didn't really love anybody, but they did love getting something on somebody. If I'm totally honest, I've never seen a body of people which seethed with so much underground hatred.

The sheer relish of someone catching somebody else out was palpable. I have seen nasty old men almost chaffing at the bit for a Tuesday night meeting to be over, so they could 'move into assembly' and drop their contrived bombshells on some poor soul, ultimately casting him or her out the door to an uncertain future for which they were not equipped.

Of course they compound the odds of you not making it by giving you nothing to make your fresh start. They don't care. Why? Because they don't and never did love you! They couldn't care less. All they cared about was that one family among them had just been taught a lesson. They had gotten their comeuppance. This would serve as a warning to others.

This is not some loving community based on Christian principles! This is a regime of long held jealousies and hatred - based on fear, which hangs over every head as a threat. Sadly today, it is also a regime of lies and dishonesty, where larger hidden agendas can only be speculated upon. Except, those with a now clearer vision outside of this mental prison, can see the writing on the wall at every turn.

Which brings me to an article on their schools which is so full of 'I told you so's' as to be totally unsurprising. We all know why they set up their own schools. The threat of children being influenced by worldly kids and teachers and defiled by non- compliant books had hung over them for years. Mind you, the Hales kids went through the same public education system I did.

I was not a good student in some areas. Why? Well the Brethren kids were always treated as 'weird' and therefore not really worthy of being taught like the other kids. Some teachers hated you more than others. If I look at my marks from all those decades ago- I can remember where a teacher or two chose not to discriminate against me - and in those classes I excelled. But in English, a subject that I also liked, I was behind the eight ball from day one. My parents would read the prescribed reading for the year to see if it was 'suitable'. 'Of mice and men' had so many black marks through it that it made no sense to me at all.

The year we were given "To Kill a Mockingbird' - I was in real trouble. Today we have the internet. Then we did not. We got all of our information from books. And my parents went through this groundbreaking tale of discrimination and inequality where a black man is accused of raping a white woman in America's deep south in an age when black people were broadly treated as second class citizens and they crossed out with black ink, every reference to the assaults and interactions, which formed the real reason for this volume. So I had no idea what had actually occurred that ended us up in a court room. I did not do well that year. Which was another reason for worldly teachers to hate Brethren kids.

Add to that - no competitive sport, no excursions, no music training or band involvement, no decent casual clothes and no involvement with other kids - and you have five more reasons why we were treated as freaks from a freak show. I can recall many instances where Brethren kids, myself included, were treated very cruelly by teachers. Not to mention the kids themselves. So you got treated badly during the day and went to the meeting at night to be treated cruelly again. It was becoming a cruel world.

I will never forget as a child, during the bit where JTJnr said everyone, including little boys, had to wear hats, which was just prior to the rule where little boys had to kiss the older men. I had just exited the hall where the supper had taken place and twenty of my classmates rode by on their bikes jeering wildly at my strange Manonite-esque outfit. Boy, didn't they keep that going for a few years. I grew to loathe school and started to wag classes with some regularity.

So setting up schools for their own kids was on one hand, not a bad idea, but on the other - given the Brethren's fear of anything normal or intuitive, it was a return to the dark ages. Church schools are nothing new. I know of many parents who send their kids to Catholic schools, despite not being Catholics, because you do get a good education at these places these days.

Then I see the rulings which include things like the girls being ordered by the Brethren to sit at the back of the school bus (universally)with the boys up front. Obviously this is to prevent not only cohabitation and 'special friendships', which are strictly forbidden between Brethren, but even a sneaky view of the rear of a young sister. I daresay if they had the money for further social engineering, Brethren Schools would be segregated. Schools for boys and schools for girls. Which may increase the rage of their hormones and dysfunction even more.

Then we have the teacher problems. And there have been many. From people not appropriate to teach for all manner of evils and discrepancies, to inappropriate alternative subject matter to forming relationships with students as has happened as well.

Sadly the Brethren, due to their great dumbing down edict of 1970, no longer produced teachers or anything else with a degree attached to it. By law. So they were forced to employ worldly teachers, which meant a ubiquitous long list of rules as to what they could teach, what they could say, what respects they were to adhere to and who would be watching them during their tenure. And no mentions of evolution, sex education or a raft of other social ills. Or else. No job! So it was always going to be tricky.

And now we see where it all starts to go wrong. From reports of teachers with inappropriate and illegal sexual proclivities to at least one case of a teacher taking off with a young Brethren sister to set up life as a couple. The Brethren can't say they did not bring it on themselves.

Of course, it's all hogwash at the end of the day. You cannot totally separate kids from the world as many will find a way to get to the bits of that they want to know more about. But closeting is the model the Brethren use. They further this segregation by only allowing you to work for a Brethren business when you become an adult. So more eyes can watch you and of course you must then be at church each and every night and weekends as well. So if you are a movie watcher or a social drinker or you love women or you are a homosexual - you will find a way to satisfy and pursue your curiosity. Somehow.

I remember as a child, having been publicaly belittled by a teacher as 'A Brethren' (and therefore useless) I took myself hither and found solace in the bosom of the old Odeon Theatre, where for the price of twenty cents, I could look up at the broad white screen as another 70 millimetre film was readied in the projector. That day they were screening Doctor Zhivago, and the beauty and earthly horror of this captivating David Lean masterpiece affected me so deeply that it became a defining moment in my life. I had escaped for just a moment from this grossly unfair world I had found myself in to see others in a similarly unfair world.

Of course, their websites and school propaganda all paint a vastly different picture. Their kids are all high achievers, which is probably true to some extent, but their opportunities to really do something with their lives are as dead as their doctrine. And love for each other.

One of the Brethren rules which had always puzzled me is their abhorrence of 'special friendships'. Of course I understand totally why people like the Taylor's, Symington's and Hales' all forbid such close and unnatural interaction. No special friends as a child and no special friendships as an adult. They see people being special friends as repugnant for all manner of supposed reasons, including the opportunity for discussion, perhaps even questioning of their 'truth'. Friends are an unnatural thing in the Brethren world.

And yet, isn't it funny how people like Bruce Hales can draw 'unnaturally' close to his extended family members and church 'mates', gathering them close around him in his high priced compound and private jets, while he tells the bulk of his congregation and contributors to his wealth and good fortune, to remain aloof and apart and compliant to his growing lists of enforced regulations.

Like I said, it is a house of cards that can come tumbling down at any moment and for any reason. Mostly, because it was badly premised in the first place.

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Re: The Brethren - a Dysfunctional House of Cards based on H

Post by fisherman » Fri May 19, 2017 3:00 pm

I completely concur, the EB leaders are masters at hypocricy and duplicity,religeos charltans who will stop at nothing to satiate their egos and have left a trail of carnage in their wake.They have no mercy and they do not care.They do NOT honour the Lord .Their cobbled together self serving,ever changing doctrines that were ruthlessly enforced are NOT based on scripture.No wonder so many people seeing through the whitewash of rightousness have turned away sickened by what they were told was 'Christianity' me, NOTHING could be further than following Jesus and emulating his life..

I hope to live to see the day when this 'Great House' built upon the sands of pride and pretension comes crashing down..

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Re: The Brethren - a Dysfunctional House of Cards based on H

Post by Balaam's Ass » Sat May 20, 2017 5:25 am

A local church has a sign outside reading "Spread the Gospel, not Gossip!" I'm not a fan of church signs, but I would like to see this sign on the gate of every Brethren church compound!

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Re: The Brethren - a Dysfunctional House of Cards based on H

Post by The Questioner » Sat May 20, 2017 6:44 am

EB think they are spreading the gospel.

Definitions are important, I guess.

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Re: The Brethren - a Dysfunctional House of Cards based on H

Post by fisherman » Sat May 20, 2017 3:47 pm

They ARE spreading the gospel-the 'wealth gospel' .I suggest this is nothing new,some of the American televangelists recognized the opportunity to get rich by suggesting people to send them money for some presumed benefit,BDH seems to be following suit by 'making trade of the gospel'(Paul denounced this in 2 Corintheans 2:17) I suggest there is NO connection with 'business' and emulating the life and teachings of Christ,if anything the OPPOSITE ( the fact that brethren don't recognise the once judged as evil ' Commercial System in the Assembly' is EXACTLY what Christ denounced when he threw the 'businessmen' out of the temple for desecrating his fathers house of prayer shows how far down they have come-moral bankruptcy,the direct result of spiritual starvation)

When you look at it dispassionetly( which is impossible to while being in it) the obvious conclusion is brethren ,because of their lack of controls and protocols normally associated with a Christian church were a accident( cult) waiting to happen....and it did. My opinion is BDH was merely an opportunist who saw the opportunity to make a lot of money off the brethrens naivety and already programmed thinking ( or lack of it) Whether or not he is even a Christian in the sense of following Jesus is a moot point,I see no evidence of it.But what still amazes me how easy it was to take what was once a faith based group of Christians into what might be best described as a a profit oriented business club where making money ,not saving souls was the goal

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