Possible 'explanations' for the PBCC 'payoff'

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Possible 'explanations' for the PBCC 'payoff'

Post by fisherman » Mon Oct 30, 2017 4:25 pm

Now the the PBCC alleged 'payoff' story has hit the headlines,I'm waiting for the 'official' explanation from the 'Corner Office'.

Based on past experience( Aberdeen) ,the first one is likely to be brushing it off as if 'nothing happened' ( that's a bit harder now with the Internet and DO NOT open any 'attachments' from other brethren,it could be 'poison' )

If that doesn't fly and people DO ask, then the next plan to shut it down is the old 'all lies' and bleating something about 'attacks' and 'everyones against us'( all cults say that)

Then if that doesn't stop the 'murmuring' maybe by this time the ordinary brethren are getting fed up with these implausible tactics and convoluted explanations why black is really white and besides its in the newspapers now and their business partners ( that's ok now) are beginning to ask 'what's going on in there anyway?-that looks like BRIBERY to me' and they don't swallow the 'some things need to be understood' story that worked for us ,Management is likely to go on the offensive and tell the 'local administration' ( they always do the dirty work) to say it's a matter of 'trust' and anyone who doesn't 'trust' our beloved leader( even if he had to pay off someone to keep quiet) is not 'worthy' of being in fellowship

And if those strong arm tactics don't work ,then we can always pull our trump card and tell em' you just better 'remember where your money's coming from,don't be 'biting the hand that's feeding you' because we can cut off the money anytime' ( one of the risks of 'working for the company ,living in the company town and shopping at the company store' ..See, the money might be good but the 'Company ' OWNS you,we've got right in our pocket so you better keep your mouth shut if you know what's good for you,see?

Looking back over the years( I bought those 'stories' too-for a while) I realise that the main reason I swallowed the the brethrens 'official' explanations and even the smear tactics for those who didn't was I DIDN'T WANT to believe something was dreadfully wrong,that the system was rotten to the core because of course ' the brethren were always right' and besides, my family had been 'in the meeting' for at least four generations...it was just easier to look the other way and suave my conscience .

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