Hales' actions could land him in a world of trouble.

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Hales' actions could land him in a world of trouble.

Post by abishag » Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:11 am

I know that the Brethren (PPBC Limited) think they are above the law and that they believe their assembly is the only true court. For generations they have wrecked people's lives in this forum, which resembles a star chamber. But this time I believe Hales has gone too far. Way too far.

The question now - is not whether this actually happened - we know it did. Their treachery has been trumped and outsmarted. By smarter people. McCorkell had them over a bottomless barrel and Bachelard had them bang to rights. Just by being honest and rational. They thought they could just buy people whenever they wanted to. God knows it had worked before.

The bigger question is whether Hales should lose his 'job' and 'membership' and his cronies should be 'dealt with' by this so called 'church' Company for breaking the law and bringing the PBCC Limited into extreme disrepute. They call such things 'matters' and boy - is this a matter!

Hales has been clever with the recent expose on their successful and unsuccessful bribery of people. He does not get directly involved himself - rather shooting his demands through intermediaries like his son, brothers - or his Brother in Law. This way he remains aloof and detached from the real action if anything goes pear-shaped.

Mind you, he was not too detached when he engaged with and employed Tony McCorkell over 10 years ago. He wanted bang for his buck in those days and Tony provided the Public Relations pimpery like an old pro even though he was just 27.

But trust me when I say - no decision like this comes from the lower rungs of this empire- the 'Man of God' fires the shots and has his fingers in everything. You can see his fingerprints all over it. Plus of course, we have the word of Tony McCorkell on his relationship with Bruce Hales. As sinister and dubious a pairing as you could ever see in the history of this cruel sect.

Will the Brethren say that this is another 'savage interruption' like they did the last time one of their leaders went too far? If it was - it was an interruption that was self inflicted. So someone should be for the high-jump. That's if they have any credibility. God knows they threw people out and destroyed their families for so much less. But I daresay Hales and his inner circle will be huddled in a conspirational pickle right now, trying to see how they can cover their asses over this one.

The one thing that amazes me is the stupidity - the idiocy - the total lack of foresight that underpins this sorry tale. What possessed Hales to get involved with this man in the first place? His record was on the World Wide Web. He could see the trail of commercial damage he had wrought over his young life - and although he was certainly brilliant as a stand up front man - he was utterly derelict when it came to money and being commercially righteous. He was a charlatan of the first order and he played Hales like a violin.

Hales having seen the additional drama he had created while in the church as his right hand disaster mitigation man - compounded the craziness by offering him the best part of a million bucks to shut up. This was after he had already paid him out with confidentiality agreements and motor cars and still he could not shake McCorkell off and his demands for cash for quiet. And they went along with it?

They sent Tony on errands that were offensive, in that he was substantially under equipped to deal with them. But the PBCC scorned people who had been abused in their midst. They detested them. And they thought Tony would be the best man to deal with them. Hales as always kept himself aloof. A coward who said - it was not his affair.

I should also say that I feel very sad about the McCorkell family- Tony's parents and siblings. They asked for none of this and are grieving the loss of their son and brother. But you simply cannot ignore what has happened here and you have to call a spade a spade. So I'm sorry if they feel additional hurt after what they have been through. But maybe Tony is the one who is laughing. I mean, it is a hell of a PR coup and expose - and he has another double page spread in the Sunday Age to his credit.

A lot of people will comment about this and they should. If you let this episode go through to the keeper, then they might as well start committing murders. Because it seems - no one can get anything to stick to these insufferably insensitive fools.

If the Brethren themselves sit there and let this go - they are wrong. And it proves what we say about the power of the Hales and his cohorts. They are too scared to be honest and to deal honestly with a sacrilege that has occurred in their midst. But they should. This time Hales is wrong. Very wrong.

But then again - we are talking about an assembly that welcomes back convicted child molesters with open arms after they have done their time, with no penalty from the Brethren for their evil.

Maybe the only way you can hurt them is through their back pocket. Maybe Tony worked it out perfectly. He certainly pulled the wool over the Hales eyes. So much for the wisdom of the Man of God.

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Re: Hales' actions could land him in a world of trouble.

Post by The Erect Vessel » Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:27 am

To quote the brethren - 'isn't it funny how history repeats itself'

They couldn't deal with an alcoholic philandering filthy pedophile at Aberdeen.

Lets see how they deal with a money power-besotted lawbreaking briber in 2017?

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