The day the Brethren came unstuck.

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The day the Brethren came unstuck.

Post by abishag » Sat Oct 07, 2017 2:44 pm

Too clever by half, too over-compensated with advice to see it coming and too arrogant to realise what they had done. This sums up the aftermath of the recent Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC) court case, where they sought to sue a prominent, well respected, investigative journalist who had looked more deeply into their ways than any other in modern times. For good measure they went after his publisher as well - a venerable and powerful dynasty in Australia and New Zealand, founded in 1841. The whole nasty vindictive ordeal would have cost them a fortune. And to be truthful, no legal team can ever really get their heads around the vagaries and real meaning of Brethren actions and hidden intentions.

I won't bore you with the detail- you can read about the outcome on this site- but it highlighted several interesting things about an organisation that brands itself as a church - when in fact it is a Limited Company. Which means that's its leader needs to rub out 'Man of God' on his business cards and replace it with 'CEO'. Given his elevated opinion of himself above that of mere mortals - perhaps 'Disciple' or as some like to call him 'Vice President- Latter Day Paul'. Which in any religious arena- is a bit of a stretch. If we are being totally honest, so is 'Man of God'.

Put very simply, this was the day the Brethren were exposed, not as a 'church' - but rather as a 'business'.

In short- the newer PBCC (Limited) should not have brought the case. It was the Exclusive Brethren who should have been the wounded party. But they don't exist anymore. Something about the word 'exclusive' was hankering their new Global aspirations of doing business 'with the world'.

This conflicted with the modern Bruce Hales-led Brethren 'church', with its fingers in every business pie in the free world including their dealings in China and the God-less Far East, that they have traditionally been at pains to shun, as 'heathen'.

When you are doing business in the world - it is made harder by branding yourself as exclusive - meaning separate in this instance. Which was the true meaning I should add, of the Exclusive Brethren. 'Apart from - and not a part of - the world'. They have - at their leader's insistence, followed his order to 'form an utter hatred of the world.' An appellation they like to keep under wraps as it conflicts with their passionate desire to increase their global profits. Indeed- even past members are shunned as dead. The ultimate in exclusivity. But, not a new phenomenon with extreme 'religions'.

By conjecture, what this has highlighted is the deleterious and parasitic nature of this Man's greatest achievement - the introduction of his Global empire - the Universal Business Team (UBT). An organisation that has greater emphasis in its reach and effect these days, than the tortuous religious ministry, which coincidentally forms yet another exciting compulsory profit centre for the PBCC.

Hales has the UBT working for him on multiple levels. It's a very beautiful thing. Or as they call things that are working well - attractive. Very attractive. If you could dress the UBT in black seamed stockings, six inch stilettos, a Chanel little black dress and give it a big swipe of Elizabeth Arden lipstick, it could not get any more attractive.

For a start there is the UBT 'training department'. This reaps tens of millions for those that somehow, have a hand in its wealth creation. I'm sure their names are buried deep within the incorporation notes, but they are there and the ardent follower of any money trail would not be surprised as to who's bank accounts are full to overflowing with its proceeds. 'God' has indeed been bountiful.

To make things even more fiscally assured, from a PBCC Limited CEO position, attendance is compulsory. And a big fat attendance fee is also compulsory. Recently this included not only their business types, but also their wives and families. Their box office receipts were - there's no other way to say it - very attractive. Tremendously attractive!

But even these events, which are held worldwide, are conflicted with their own beliefs and rules. If you are a Brethren member - you are strictly forbidden, under the threat of expulsion, to attend any worldly sporting event. And yet - the UBT pays people like International Rugby stars to rev them up at these 'business conferences'. Is that conflict or is it hypocrisy?

Move away from the training arm of this global business monster and you get the tentacles, the arteries that feed the heart and soul of this amazing conglomerate -feeding on those that have felt compelled to join the network. Or feel the back of Bruce Hales far reaching hand.

I don't know what the consequences are of telling the PBCC Limited CEO to get soundly knotted when he seeks to work his UBT 'executives' into your business, but they cannot be good. They would very probably kick you out with the loss of everything if you refused his direct request. I asked someone that this had happened to. He said 'We were in the belief that it was an honour to be asked by Mister Hales". Such is the power of the PBCC Limited CEO. An honour!

I also remember one young brother who was asked to deliver up his business books to the PBCC's CEO's father some years ago, and he refused. You guessed it - he was thrown out and lost his family, his children and his business. So refusal is not an option for most. The retaliation is just too extreme.

But the trouble with this unsolicited intrusion is this. Once they get the UBT 'representatives' in your front door and sitting up at your company's board meetings every month, they suddenly are privy to your financial position. They say they are there to help you under the banner and guise of the UBT. That is - until the phone calls start coming. Generally from the man himself - or at very least - through the great man's messengers.

Invariably the phone call starts off with something like - "I need $150,000 (or pounds or Euros) for this or that." Sometimes the request is for millions. His messengers have duly reported back to him that your corporate bank account is healthy and can stand to be lightened a little you see.

An extreme case of this was a website that Bruce Hales didn't like and which he wanted to be made to go away. He rang his data base of 'business people with money' to make funds available to him so he could shut it down. No prizes for guessing the name of this website by the way.

But it gets worse. What happens if you are one of these businessmen who had started a business decades ago. Today, the boundaries and jurisdiction of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Limited and self appointed UBT representatives get blurred.

What happens if the business owner is suddenly kicked out of the church?

Suddenly we have a 'mixing' issue (one of the worst things a Brethren member can do), and a conflicted business issue. How can you attend your own board meetings with these Sydney-appointed clowns sitting at your table? They are now not acting in your interests anymore. They are acting in the interests of their CEO and the 'Church'. They can instruct any shareholders still in the church - for example your wife - to divorce you and to freeze your business and personal bank accounts. You are then effectively sent to 'Coventry' with every meeting a shambles of point scoring, until they break your spirit and milk you of every penny you thought was yours. At the end of the day they want your money. And they will destroy your business if they have to, to get it.

This is a form of extortion! Pure and simple. Do as we say or we will destroy you. Can you imagine the Catholic Church doing this to someone? There would be an International uproar.

And these same people will look you in the eye and say their mission in life is to 'spread the gospel to all mankind'. This is the mantra of their bible publishing department- the Bible & Gospel Trust. They will say that they love people and are charitable. Let me tell you resoundingly - they are anything but. They are a greedy, money hungry, power ravenous, confused, parasitic business empire masquerading as a 'church'.

To all the men (I'd say women as well but they don't really exist in positions of power in this organisation) who have worked hard to develop a healthy business to sustain their families over the years, I would say this. Resist any approaches from the PBCC Limited head office in Sydney 'to help you with your business'.

Resist their instructions to let them in the door to your board meetings- as observers. Resist their attempts to get their hands on your records and bank accounts. Resist their requests for large sums of money for the Great Man's projects and growth dreams and resist their efforts to draw you into their spurious UBT networked world.

When it goes pear shaped - you'll lose everything if they have their way. And it is not an honour to be asked for large sums of money by an obscenely wealthy man in Australia. It's a bloody intrusion and a cheek. I mean - you cannot refuse him. It's like the Mafia saying they want to protect your business. Refusal will only mean one thing. The destruction of your business.

There will be more on this subject coming soon. And this time we have the real facts, real people and the real goings on. Nothing will be conjecture. It's really happening. And it's a serious denunciation of this so-called 'religious' empire that has hurt, affected and abused so many people for so many decades.
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Re: The day the Brethren came unstuck.

Post by fisherman » Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:30 pm

It certainly appears to me the PBCC is modelling itself after the Scientology Church with their 'in house' business ventures,church run schools and enforced labour .The Scientology Church claims they have all the answers for a 'better world' and masquerades under that

Personally,I think they just might have outsmarted themselves this time ,the proverbial 'bridge too far'.Kudo's to the 'Age' and Michael Bachelard for taking them on......Hopefuly this lawsuit will serve to re energise themselves and go after them like a dog going after a bone ...nothing cults hate more than the 'radar they brag they fly under' being lowered and being exposed to the light of day

As an aside, I couldn't help but recall an brother in Brisbane telling me his niece claimed she had been sexually abused by a high ranking EB and a reporter was looking into it,but abruptly withdrew after alleged threats to his editor to back off....maybe with the EB losing this case there will be more skeletons falling out of closets...big money doesn't always pay off and judges tend not to be overly impressed by 'Divinely Appointed Prophets'even if their followers are..Warren Jeffs of the FLDS found that out...

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Re: The day the Brethren came unstuck.

Post by Brother Rev » Sat Oct 07, 2017 7:07 pm

abishag, an excellent review

Dear EB readers, under your successive leaders such as JND, FER, JBS and even 'Beloved JT Senior' and 'Our Beloved JT Junior' you always repeated the mantra "we dont take a name".

Now your current leader BDHales has turned your 'divine historical teaching' from the 'fathers of the recovery' and ripped it all up !! so your 'position' is now a 'Limited Company' - Plymouth Brethren (Exclusive Brethren) Christian Church Limited

Either your 'divine historical teaching' from the 'fathers of the recovery' is wrong !, or BDHales is wrong
The distinction between cult and religion lies squarely in how those leaving or those wanting to leave are treated

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Re: The day the Brethren came unstuck.

Post by fisherman » Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:55 pm

First we claimed to 'BE' the CHURCH,despite JND saying he would NOT fellowship with any group making that claim, now we openly claim we are a business...

Unbroken lines?None of their words fell to the ground?...what a joke!

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Re: The day the Brethren came unstuck.

Post by PosterChild » Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:34 pm

" an excellent review "

Yes it is.

"There will be more on this subject coming soon. And this time we have the real facts, real people and the real goings on."

That would be useful. Hopefully anyone in there angered at meddling in their affairs will be liberated to realize they don't need to suppress their feelings under the guise of higher spiritual attainment, (through "excessive self judgement ") and instead know they are being abused.

Shout it from the rooftops!
Destroy the soul damning delusion of the miniature pot bellied pope's usurpation of the one mediator. Feed the flames of individual conscience, open the eyes of those born deaf!
Remove the delusional effects of the doctrine that "the assembly is the closest thing to deity" whereby the assembly becomes the master and the allegorical meaning of the Hebrew bondman passage means that the wives and children belong therefore to the assembly.

Back to you Fisherman. Sorry to grab the mike from you just as you were about to wax eloquent once again. Don't mind me, I only offer buggered humor.
Mispelt at that.

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Re: The day the Brethren came unstuck.

Post by fisherman » Sat Oct 14, 2017 4:43 pm

Leah Remini in her very detailed A&E expose'on Scientology(identical psychology to the EB) said the best way to counteract these abberent cults is to keep their reprehensible activities front and center in the public eye until there is a groundswell of public demand to hold them accountable and strip them of their tax status and government grants from the 'world' they claim they 'utterly hate'( other than their money). This is not accomplished overnight ,but eventually the pubic spotlight comes on them as the radar they brag they fly under gets lowered...the media is our best allie in raising public awareness( which is why all these cults hate it...real churches have nothing to hide)

Although a major flaw in the EB was the 'One Man Ministry' ( Paul said leadership was ALWAYS qualified, accountable and plural) The day the brethren came unstuck was likely when they REFUSED to accept FER's teaching that 'there can be no such thing as a ' special fellowship within a fellowship' and the 'Assembly' included ALL believers ....try standing up in a ministry meeting and saying THAT and seeing how long before the mic was shut off and you were frog marched to the door...just for quoting one of 'these Great Men' whose 'words never fell to the ground' ...

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Re: The day the Brethren came unstuck.

Post by twotimothytwo » Wed May 09, 2018 12:55 pm

And then they came unstuck again..........
Although aspects of the reasoning of the primary judge are not supportable, the conclusion reached has not been shown to be erroneous. The appeal should be dismissed with costs ... a7c6e1eeea

One wonders how much 'charity' money got blown on this?

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Re: The day the Brethren came unstuck.

Post by fisherman » Wed May 09, 2018 2:10 pm

Uh,hate to mention this but that description of the 'very attractive' UBT in stiletto heels sounds remarkably similar to a. Hooker...just saying you know...another thing struck me about how they worm their way into people's business, and all this wealth that is being thrown around.....,not accusing anybody but it sure sounds an awful lot like the way organized crime works...nope, wouldn't surprise me in the least

And maybe someone could clear something up for me, way back we refered to the leaders as 'servents', possibly in reference to the Lord taking the lowest position and washing the disciples feet, a job reserved for the lowest caste of a household but somewhere along the way that title got dropped....guess it just didn't fit for such great personages ( rich ones too,courtecy the 'gifts' they got out of 'free hearted liberality' -or else)

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Re: The day the Brethren came unstuck.

Post by son of peter » Fri May 11, 2018 11:11 pm

twotimothytwo wrote:
Wed May 09, 2018 12:55 pm
And then they came unstuck again..........
Although aspects of the reasoning of the primary judge are not supportable, the conclusion reached has not been shown to be erroneous. The appeal should be dismissed with costs ... a7c6e1eeea

One wonders how much 'charity' money got blown on this?
I'm confused - has their appeal been allowed or not?

It seems the appeal is allowed by a majority. What you quote seems to be a comment from the sole dissenting judge

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