Rex Curtis - June 2001 - Suicide

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Rex Curtis - June 2001 - Suicide

Post by Admin » Fri Mar 08, 2013 3:44 pm

There is also the man from NZ who hung himself in the grounds of the Perth WA meeting room a couple of years ago. He had been out 30 years, but in his suicide note he attributed his mental anguish to the brethren's treatment of him.


It was Rex Curtis, from Auckland, the media were on high alert to report on the case until we found that he had left behind in Perth, a wife and two daughters who were un-easy about a full blown exposure of the situation at the time. They feared what the E.B.'s may do to them if the truth were told in the public media.

There is, as one would expect, many lies believed among the brethren about the incident.

The note found on the body made it very clear that this action was the poor mans last attempt to get back at the Brethren for all that they had done to him over the years, I have a copy of the note.

The story among the Brethren is "that the man wanted to be near the Brethren, so he choose to die near them", (in the back yard of the main meeting room in Perth, Western Australia).
Rex Curtis from Auckland took his own life at the Perth Headquarters (meeting room) in June 2001. This is some 5000 kms from where he grew up. He had never attended the Perth meeting room as an E B. He left a note taped to his chest blaming the E B s for ruining his life.

It should also be said that Rex committed suicide by hanging. His body was found hanging from a tree in the grounds of the meeting room by some young children after a Tuesday night service. ( 8.30 to 9.30 pm) It is understood that his body had been there since Sunday night - that is 2 days.

Rex was born in 1946. He was 55 years of age. He left the peebs when he was about 19. He was married with two teenage daughters at the time of his death.
I can confirm this suicide, which happened in Perth in 2001.

I have been told that the Perth EB removed all trees within the Perth Hall grounds to stop this happening again.

I am also told that [censored] has a copy of the suicide note.
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