Lee Wilson - June 2006 - Suicide

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Lee Wilson - June 2006 - Suicide

Post by Admin » Fri Mar 08, 2013 3:18 pm

Lee Wilson

Thread originally dated June 14, 2006, indicating that the death occurred either June 9th or June 10th, 2006.


It is with great sorrow that we announce another victim of this Tyranical system. Late Friday night or early Saturday morning, a former peeb brother, Lee Wilson of the Detroit locality, took his own life.
Not sure of his relationship with Jesus, that is between him and the Lord.
I am comforted however by a couple of scriptures, "The Lord knows those that are His" & " Now there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus".
He to my knowledge, never overcame the brain washing of this system, and did not believe the brethren position was wrong, just certain people in the system were wrong.
I will always wonder now what more I could have done, as this was completely without warning.
Please join me in praying for his two boys (ages 5 & 7?) that they will be somehow preserved from the clutches of this wicked evil system.
Lee Wilson was Rick Wilson's eldest son. He had been out approx. 8 1/2 years. He was about 27 years old.
Also please note it has been confirmed that his children are in the peebs and have already been baptised. We can only hope and pray that someday they will see through the system and some day reclaim their freedom.
Thank you for your thought's and prayer's.
I was extremely sorry to read this posting.

Unfortunately there is very little one can do to stop a despirate person taking their own life. They go into a black hole of despair and become convinced that there is no other way out. Sir Winston Churchill called it "the black dog".

I feel at this time we should all be praying for the Wilson family and for those of you who were trying to support Lee.

I note that Lee had been out for over 8 years and his children are 5 and 7. Does that mean that his wife and children went back into the EBs, but that he was excluded? If this is the case, I can hardly imagine the pain and heartache Lee has gone through over these past years.

My heart just cries out "HOW MANY MORE?" I don't want to go over the top, but my EB brother assures me that they believe in appearing before the judgement seat of Christ. Do they really think that they won't have to give an account for such cruelty and distruction, all in the name of Christ.
The reason the boys have gone to their grandfather's (Rick Wilson), is that he had recently gotten married (2 years?), however his children were from a previous relationship. He had gained full custody of both boys, hence the grandparents seem to have first claim.
We will continue to pray, as that is our only recourse at this time.
They don't "really believe it." If they really believed in their hearts that the first person they will meet when they die will be Jesus Christ who will ask them WHY these things have been done to His children, they could not do them. They have a mere "head" knowledge of Christianity and believe only in Bruce Hales.

They are not Christians because if they were, they could definitely not "continue in sin that grace may abound" to quote a famous person.
This is so, so sad.
Little boys without their dad. Rick and Dolly Wilson without their eldest son. Our hearts and our prayers go out to the families and young Lee Wilson's wife.

Lee would be the great-grandson of the late James Taylor Junior and the grand-son of Jim Joyce of Sydney.

Very sad indeed, as it’s been said before, how many more times! But sadly the Peebs will not be upset by this one bit; in their normal self righteous manor they will already have turned the blame around onto Lee himself! You can just here them saying…… “The Lord has spoken to someone who has walked away from the fellowship”! It will be used as a threat to scare others into not leaving.

I can remember clearly when I’d made my mind up to leave the Peebs and was shut up, a visiting priest (Albert Wright) told me. “The Lord would not allow me go out into to world and leave the one and only true place”, he then proceeded to tell me that if I left then the Lord would take my life within 12 months! I still left but lived in fear for the next few months! Brainwashing, yet again!

My heart goes out to his family although I don’t know them.

What a fantastic title for either a book or a script for a TV programme.

It could be subtitled "How Many More Need to Die Before the Brethren Come to Their Senses?"

This is indeed a very sad story, and I for one am grateful to skypilot for bringing this to the attention of the world at large. I hope our friends in the media prick up their ears at the mention of it. It may assist them to get an idea of how many of us have idly, or seriously, considered making that fatal decision?

I'll own up to idly thinking about it shortly after I left the brethren in the late 1950's, when I was thwarted by the relentless prosecutors in my attempts to obtain legitimate employment in Glasgow. I was talked out of ending it by a couple who had made me their "adopted son". They simply advised me that the alternative was to simply get out of Glasgow. I did and I am still here.

But it WAS an idle idea on my part. But did anyone else seriously consider it?
Lee Wilson was convinced that the meeting was right. He had left when he was in his teens. He lived with a girl and they had 2 kids. When Lee tried to straighten out his life, he left the girl and was granted custody of the kids. He then married a Christian lady, who also had 2? kids.

Lee received a letter from BDH a week or two before he died. I don't know what was in the letter. Lee hung himself. He would have been about 23 years of age. One likely reason is that then his parents would take the two boys (never formally adopted by his new wife) and raise them in the brethren. If Lee couldn't make it back to the "only right place", at least his boys would be raised there.

After his death, his wife felt that she couldn't take care of 4 children, and allowed the grandparents to take the 2 young boys. They may have had the legal right as well. The grandparents were Rick and Dolly Wilson. He is the grandson of JT Jr. through his mother, Florence Wilson. He was a protege of Jim Symington, but fell out of favor when BDH had a bunch of leaders tossed out so that BDH could take over when his dad died.

These are only my observations regarding the 'tosssing out' of leaders. It appeared that when JSH was older and near the end of his life, that BDH was bending his dad's ear and that BDH was purposely pitting leaders against each other.

North America was a mess for a number of years, with Jim Deseyn (now out) thinking Rick Wilson was wrong, and Rick Wilson telling me that Jim Deseyn was wrong. Lloyd Paskewitz was another player. They all had their own followers. BDH would pick different ones to take 3 day meetings. Each side would see if their man was selected and root accordingly. For example, Jim Deseyn took meetings in Barbados around 1999 or 2000.

Rick Wilson sat across from him and barely said a word the whole weekend. Everybody was one the edge of their chairs at Leceister meeting time, to see if their candidate was selected to give an address. In Detroit, everyone was sure that Rick Wilson would be the next elect vesses. JHS had said one time that the Taylors had a dynasty - J, J, J, J and a Wilson. That was taken by some to mean - JT Sr, JT Jr., JHS, JSH, and then Rick Wilson (grandson of the JT Jr.).

When JSH died, all the possible successors had been thrown out - Jim Deseyn, Lloyd Paskewitz, John Paynter, Laurie Marsh, Bob Thorncroft etc. The only one left was David Bill of New Zealand, and for whatever reason, he threw his support behind BDH. who at that point had never taken a 3-day meeting.

A sad tale of politics that shows the effect on everyone, even the family of former leaders.
There was quite an error in some information we received. It has been corrected. We went with the data that BDH wrote the letter to Lee - in fact, we have been told it was James Joyce, his mothers' father.

Although we wondered whether to alter the analysis we decided not to - it is after all, still entirely valid.

Do let us know if you disagree.
July 17th, 2008

It was a touching memorial that was written for Lee. I'm his uncle. He sought me out not long after he had left. Going wild after being restrained in The Meeting he settled down. He'd visit at all hours to ask for advice. We had a personal bond beyond blood ties. His father, my brother Rick, cast a long shadow over both of us during our time there. The oppression made both of us bolt.

We both coped the same way while inside. Alcohol. Although by the grace of God Lee never had to face drug addiction, detox, incarceration etc. Anyway, enough of that. What I wanted to comment on is the "letter" that's mentioned in the memorial. The one from his grandfather Jim Joyce.

First, Lee wants to go back, okay? His new wife want to join him. Great! But while all this is happening the Detroit locality has turned into a drama that Shakespeare would have envied. Alliances were formed and they rose up against Rick. So my nephew was treated like little more than a leper.

When Lee spoke to the two "priests" (Dr. Phil Truan & Lorne Hewinnes) Phil treated Lee's wife Dawn like a street walker. When the visit ended Lorne said he'd call within the week. Lorne never called. May God have mercy on Lorne and Phil and all the others who drove someone to seek another alternative.

All Lee wanted was for someone to tell him that it was going to be OK and that he hadn't been forgotten. When he got the letter he was excited! I remember him saying how glad he was to be getting a note from family. Sadly, the letter didn't send a grandfathers praise or affection. No, what my nephew got from the first paragraph to the last were Scriptures quoted and rhetoric about his short-comings. Needless to say this, just added fuel to the fire of his despondency.

Shortly thereafter, he took his life. How I miss him. REST EASY

As a side note, I spoke to Rick at the funeral home. We hadn't seen each other or spoken in years and as usual he said, "We'd love to have you back". I replied "No" and that I had three reasons:

"One - I don't agree with your doctrine."

"Two - I love my fiancee very much and she does not like your stance either."

"Lastly," I said cocking my head to where Lee was laying in his casket, "I hold a lot of people responsible for what's here today."

He looked at me sadder and more tired than I've ever seen anyone. A fathers love.

THE thing is that he looked at me and said "I know".

- Scott Wilson

We shall be adding Scott Wilson's testimony to Lee's Memorial page.

We are also checking with Scott to establish whether there was in fact a letter from BDH or whether it was Jim Joyce - or indeed, both who wrote to him. If there appears to be inaccurate information on the site we will of course correct it and annotate the fact.
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