Jared Earl - Dec 1987 - Suicide

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Jared Earl - Dec 1987 - Suicide

Post by Admin » Fri Mar 08, 2013 3:00 pm

Was thrown out in the mid 80's supposedly for listening to dog racing from the meeting hall. Something to do with the PA system in the hall he had figured out a way to tap into local radio stations, and then used to go and supposedly do maintenance down at the main meeting room on a Saturday afternoon, but was actually listening to the races.

He got busted by someone who turned up unexpectedly one afternoon. So was put under discipline, he ended up withdrawn from. His wife and 6 children stayed in. He apparently was in a relationship with another woman.

Details are sketchy, but I do know he hanged himself from a tree in a popular picnic spot and swimming hole that the EB's used to frequent. He was buried by the EB but from one of the sub division halls not the main room.

My parents didn't allow us to attend as they didn't think it was appropriate. It was not discussed much that I can remember apart from a few comments that he was mentally unstable! I don't recall there being anything in the press about this incident.
The following was received by [name withheld] who has intimate family knowledge:


Jared [not Jarred] Earl died on 13th December, 1987. He was not mentally unstable as stated here, but had been struggling with a gambling addiction. Unfortunately, instead of receiving help and support, he was ostracized and victimized - with devastating results.
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