Graeme Holt - Oct 1991 - Suicide

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Graeme Holt - Oct 1991 - Suicide

Post by Admin » Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:43 pm

_______ Holt from Wagga who I am pretty sure hung himself at Flemingtom Markets area in Sydney-a stones throw from Ermington.
I was reasonably well aquainted with a young ex-eb man who took his life in Sydney about 10 years ago (I can't remember the year). He hung himself at Flemington markets in Sydney. I don't know all the circumstances, but I do know he missed his EB parents and other family members. All who knew him at the time were shocked - and distressed that he wasn't able to talk to us about whatever was bugging him. He was (like most young people that left the eb's) very badly treated by them.

Of course after he died, the eb's insisted on 'running' the funeral service - meaning that any of the people who knew and cared for this young man where not able to attend. Because of his status as 'withdrawn from' only a couple of eb's turned up at the graveside. Most of his friends were not even aware that the funeral had taken place.

He originally came from Wagga/Albury area.

First they turn a young man into a confused, unhappy and 'lost' individual and then, even in death treat him with total indifference.
Graeme Warren Holt aged 31, died on the 28th of October 1991.
He also went under the name of Graeme Hansen.

He was the son of Ron and Olga Holt of Wagga Wagga, formerly of Sydney. He was a traveller and after arriving back in Australia from Japan, he went back to Wagga Wagga, to try and reconcile with his parents.

His parents, out of a desire to return to the EB's, told Graeme that he could not return home.
Ron and Olga Holt were excommunicated in Wagga Wagga in 1980, with two sons remaining with the Exclusive Brethren and the other three boys leaving.
Graeme returned home to Sydney with his two brothers to live. He was extremely depressed and was found a couple of days later hanging from a railway bridge.

His distressed parents went to Sydney to attend to the funeral and along with Graeme's two brothers attended a viewing at a local Nth Ryde chapel.
The parents had already made arrangements with hierachy in Sydney that the brethren should bury Graeme.

A picnic with Ron, Olga, David and Robert Holt was arranged after the viewing at a local park. Meanwhile the EB's moved in and without knowledge of the boys, proceeded to bury Graeme.
This was most upsetting for the boys, Robert and David who had all lived together in Sydney.

It took an extra 10 years for the Wagga Wagga, Exclusive Brethren to 'restore', Ron And Olga Holt, in 2001 after 21 years.

Dick Pridham [Brother in law of John and Bruce Hales] and his son John, were the Wagga Wagga leaders, during this sad period of time.

[Permission granted by Robert to carefully place this story of Graeme Holt on this memorial record.]
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