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NZ Truth, dated October 18th, 1977 - pages 4 and 5

We are told that the original title was huge and was:

Cast Out to 'Walk the Paths of Hell'

The article tells of the death of Edward 'Ted' McGaveston in 1977. It is reported well, clearly showing insight into what drove the man to his death. The gut-wrenching descriptions of an EB funeral tell more about the spiritual state of these people than any doctrinal paper.

If the Exclusive Brethren did not label themselves as 'Christian' - no one would ever guess.

Other names are mentioned in this 1977 article:

Colin Mclean Smith

Norman Tindall

Mr. Gilmore

Although 'Mr [Roly] Hewetson refused to tell the names of other sect suicide victims' ... we believe it is time for us to remind both ourselves and the world media of the terrible price paid by too many.

Regarding Ted McGaveston...

I seem to remember that the EBs sued 3 media groups as a result of the publicity surrounding this death, for $1 Million each, and won them all! Which had a somewhat muzzling effect for a few years.

My memories of Ted and his family:- he'd been a semi-invalid for many years with heart trouble, and his wife had become dependent on local leaders for support, therefore another case of divided loyalties! I'm sure she loved her husband, but bowed to brethren pressure to punish him by seperating/ostracising. I'm vague about what he was being punished for, but pretty sure it was an historicial "sin". I don't know how long the punishment went on for, but certainly several months, and I remember having the feeling that he'd decided to exit this life on a vicarious basis - it would free his wife and children to return to the bosom of the brethren.

True the three lawsuits were each for a million dollars, but the amounts awarded were relatively trivial (a few thousand), which I would think is a far cry from "winning"! But there was some limited muzzling effect for a while, as mentioned.

]"The brethren were told that Ted passed away... they were never told WHAT happened.."

This small quote should encourage us that the 'shock' factor for existing EB is likely to be considerable when they get to view the new page.

We're no psychologists, but perhaps a 'shock' is what is needed to raise the shadow of a doubt in an indoctrinated mind?

The creation and maintenance of this site has always been fuelled by the belief that one person helped to escape the tyranny of Exclusive Brethrenism is worth the many thousands of hours that this site represents.[/quote]

The E B Meeting Room pictured in the Newspaper Article about Edward McGaveston and called the Motueka Headquarters was burnt to the ground in the middle of the night in 1985. Nobody was ever charged or prosecuted.

I am trying to piece together information received from New Zealand about this tragedy.

My mail is that Edward Malcolm of EB fame, approached the police who had found Ted's body, with a request to move the body and leave beside the body, some fishing gear. This alleged statement, by a former policeman was to make it look like a fishing accident!

Continue to check up allegations.

Another sequence, which I heard of very recently, is that EB searchers located the body first, but did not have facilities to retrieve it. Before telling the police, they tried to get a local fisherman to place some fishing clothes on the body, and he at first agreed, then later demurred and privately advised the police. Police immediately put a watch on the site, and intercepted a second would-be tamperer before the act, so the plot was foiled, and come daylight the police were able to retrieve the body and related evidence.

I was very young when Ted McGaveston killed himself but I well remember the subsequent hooha that followed. We were definately told his death was an accident and although Id heard rumours later about peebs tampering with the body I discounted the rumour at they time. If Edward Malcolm had anything to do with it though, anything is possibe. Edward is a cold, callous decietful man. Nothing would suprise me. I have personally witnissed his penchat for barefaced lying many times. Someone in authority needs to grill him about these past events. Because Edward, like all bullies, is an absolute coward when the boot is on the other foot.


Edward is a cold, callous decietful man. Nothing would suprise me. I have personally witnissed his penchat for barefaced lying many times. Someone in authority needs to grill him about these past events. Because Edward, like all bullies, is an absolute coward when the boot is on the other foot.

It would be interesting if Edward was grilled about this. No doubt he would have some other interesting information about another suicide, as he is Bevan Malcolms brother.

Think outside of the box, create your own path in life. “You laugh at me because I am different; I laugh because you are all the same.”
~ Daniel Knode

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