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Re: Spoof Reading

Post by The Erect Vessel » Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:48 am

Well see, just contemplating in a deep way (One's navel actually) and remembering how my father who was a very good card carrying peeblet stating - and it being said as hugely funny in his opinion - about when 'a matter occurs' and in my simple language the brethies have been busted - he stated the thing to do, was raise a huge cloud of dust and beat a hasty retreat!

I found it decidedly unfunny and thought in modern day terms - indeed a link - as we love links. Linked with the TV series Suits which for those of us who have the TV hidden in the loft and subscribe to Netflix see some behaviour that reminds me of the brethren to a T.
Louis Litt and Harvey Spector perfect examples of dirty underhanded cheating peeblets; gave me the creeps thinking back on all the behaviour that goes on in peebland, and what I was once a part of.. euch!

In fact, as One closes One's book, would just have to humbly confess that One thinks that there is something in that for all of us.

And hence endeth the lesson,


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