Daddy They're Being Disloyal To Me

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Ian McKay
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Re: Daddy They're Being Disloyal To Me

Post by Ian McKay » Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:55 am

Amazing fact: Bruce Hales thinks he speaks God's word.

Even more amazing fact: 40,000 people agree with him.
But do they agree only with their lips or also with their minds and hearts? It is often difficult to tell.

There are three reasons why I think most of them agree only with their lips.

1. If they agree with their minds, a lot of their beliefs must contradict one another, and it is very difficult sincerely to believe two contradictory statements at the same time. Try it yourself and see if you can do it.
2. If they agreed with their minds or with their hearts, it would show in their behaviour. They would not be planning for many years ahead because the rapture is just around the corner. They would not be making any long-term investments, such as building schools and preparing their children for a lifetime of work. They would not be laying up treasure on earth. And they would be obeying the letter and spirit of the Preston Down agreement, which had BDH’s endorsement.
3. They have to agree with their lips, or they will suffer cruel consequences, but they are free to disagree with their minds and hearts, because no one needs to know. Some members have told us that this is what they do, and many ex-members remember doing it.

The Questioner
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Re: Daddy They're Being Disloyal To Me

Post by The Questioner » Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:55 am

Of course, plenty of people do believe strangely anomalous things. Fundamentalists believe that a stone-age man built a ship to accommodate every living creature but think climate change is a hoax.

Or, God is loving but is the supreme torturer for eternity of those who don't toe a particular line.


Re: Daddy They're Being Disloyal To Me

Post by PeterF » Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:02 am

40,000 agree with Bruce, 46,000 agreed with the drunk till Aberdeen, how many left over the eating matter, how many did the pig farmer boot out, how many left over the associations etc issue? ... and we can go back over the various branches of the 'tree'?

Does any one have any figures?

It is intersting that the 'true line' (cough) seems to survive whereas the other splits either fracture regularly or die, except the OBs. Maybe peebs survive as bullsh*t baffles brains? Anyone with brains gets out as the scrpiture says that the drinkers have it and the thinkers missed it.

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Re: Daddy They're Being Disloyal To Me

Post by fisherman » Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:32 pm

The main difference as I see it between the OB and the EB is in the OB,people move around without major repurcussions or retribution,whereas in the EB they lose everything which likely contributes to people staying even if they don't really want to.The major shift now in the EB is the focus is totally on wealth aquisition ,with any doctrinal 'issues' which once dogged the brethren pushed into the background and as long as you shut up and put your money in the box,nobody seems to worry too much( what happened to the 'attendance officer',or checking in if you couldn't make it out to meeting?) take on it is Bruce saw the huge opportunity of a captive and 'obedient' audience and is picking the low hanging fruit with the brethren willing participants in the Commercial System in the Assembly LTD ,est 1965....and no one stands up and asks about the 'judgement' they once professed to have about the 'evil' of 'commercialism ' .My guess is anyone who once did is keeping their head down,not rocking the boat and just trying to fulfil their wish of 'dying in fellowship'...what a sad end to a meaningless life...

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